Fellow Travelers: From oral to foot fetishes, creator wanted to ‘embrace gay sex’

Within the first twenty minutes of Fellow Travelers, Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey’s sub-dom dynamic is on full display as the former feasts on his on-screen lover’s foot. (That isn’t a sentence I ever thought I’d write, but hey-ho.) “One of our executives said a long […]

Masked Muscle Bros are having raw sex on a new site and we are addicted to it!

We’re addicted to these masked guys and their videos – there’s a lot of hot content on MaskedMuscleBros.Com! and it seems like everyone on Twitter is addicted to it too. Much more than supposed identity protection, the site’s idea seems to go much further when […]

Sense8’s Brian J. Smith Is Dating Blue Bloods Star Matt Consalvo

A new celebrity couple is upon us! Best known for playing Will on Sense8, Berg in The Matrix Resurrections, and Lt. Matthew Scott on Stargate Universe, Brian J. Smith has now confirmed that he’s dating fellow actor Matt Consalvo. Acting credits from Consalvo include Blue Bloods, Special Ops: Lioness, and Adam & the […]