Openly Gay Gymnastic Champion Kalon Ludvigson Persevering After Accident

Kalon Ludvigson is one of those athletic savant people. He was the youngest member on the US gymnastics team at 16, and went on to win twenty World Cup and World Championships Medals in 2011. He suffered a devastating accident while teaching at a training camp for kids in August, and he’s paralyzed from the chest down. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he’s lost his insurance.

Ludvigson has undergone two surgeries and recovered some of the feeling in his extremities but he is still unable to walk. He is currently undergoing therapy to try to get back what was taken from him. His husband and coach, Justen Millerbernd, has started a GoFundMe campaign to help out with Kalon’s medical costs. The link is here. And here’s Kalon’s website with more details.

Check out more of the very adorable and extremely talented Kalon below. Seriously, the video down there…it blows my mind that a human being can/could do that. And hopefully he will again!

– J. Harvey

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6 thoughts on “Openly Gay Gymnastic Champion Kalon Ludvigson Persevering After Accident

  1. Uhhhh–why does he need a GoFundMe account? He can no longer be denied health benefits under the ACA. He needs to get on the appropriate exchange and sign up for his benefits. If he’s destitute, it won’t cost much. Is this just about some immediate thing that needs to be done before Jan. 1? Need more information.

  2. I’m glad he’s regaining some feeling again. I really hope he makes a full recovery. His skills are amazing! I wonder why he didn’t get into artistic gymnastics, he definitely would have make a killing on the vault and floor exercise.

  3. He has already racked up significant expenses that, of course, would not be covered retroactively. And of course his needs are an immediate thing…asking him to sit around and wait for treatment until next year is ludicrous.

  4. Sorry, but I just went through the links. There’s nothing specific about what’s wrong with him, what is costing so much, why he can’t afford it. It’s all very vague. I’d be afraid this was a scam.

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