Once Sexy Celebs


They say youth is wasted on the young. Depending on your point of view, these pictures are either depressing (a glimpse of what's to come) or they make you appreciate the looks you've still have. 

At least in the case of Schwarzenegger, I think he's aged well. Even though his bodybuilder physique has become rumpled and bloated, it's hard to imagine he could've become the Governator without the years of experience and wisdom (and sagging) that got him where he is today.

Happy New Year!

– Wilbur

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9 thoughts on “Once Sexy Celebs

  1. I thought he was sexy in the middle of his career…. last action hero? God that haircut sucks, and roids turn me off.
    on the other hand, he has a face on his chest and belly.
    his tits are the eyes, his belly button is a gaping mouth (or a vagina I mean a less than average endowment could fit in there) and there’s a really big ugly nose (the roll) in between the eyes (tits) and mouth (belly button that looks like a vagina).
    Maybe that’s why he’s a politician and not in movies anymore lmfao.

  2. oh and he’s so rich he can afford hair transplantation, or at least a toupee permanently stitch to his skull.
    Lypo suction for that belly he stole off of santa clause. And maybe some plastic surgery… I mean god if you have the friggin money spend it. Nothin wrong if you don’t but that guy has oodles of cash, doesn’t he have any pride in himself (or humility)? I’d be really embarassed if that was my head on that body…..
    and if my head were on that younger version of him, I’d be embarassed that everyone would know about the penis shrinkage from the roid use.

  3. wow … those comments are the most “ugly” thing I see. I am always amazed at how people can be so wickedly cruel in the way they criticize others … let alone that the venom is directed toward some sense of physical beauty. I think that the governor’s politics suck . I could trash him for that, but why in the world would I care how he looks? My hope is that the new year might bring all of us to a higher understanding. peace

  4. I think he looks more hot NOW. He’s much more handsome… and uhm, his body is still better than most guys’… that’s a terrible angle, lighting, photo, etc.

  5. I’m sorry, but use some logic here. He’s the Governor of one of the most powerful states in the US. Arguably he could be President, if he were a natural born citizen. I think that ranks a little bit higher than having a “hot” bod. Let’s admit it, the only career having a “hot” bod guarantees you is being a prostitute or porn star. Neither of which will make you memorable when your youthful good looks head south. Kids…stay in school.

  6. Buying into this sort of sad past time does nothing for our gay culture…we are already obssessed with body image and youthful appearance without giving any real thought to the substance of the person. OK I am speaking as an older gay man but I would like to think that we, as a community, could start moving away from this type of immature and quite frankly futile condemnation of people straight or gay.

  7. It’s a sad comment both to gay culture and the operators of MANHUNT to read the flippant comments about pro-young and anti-older body image. A photo of a now-governor of a major state is “either depressing (a glimpse of what’s to come) or they make you appreciate the looks you’ve still have”?? It’s offensive and frankly makes me reconsider membership on Manhunt.

  8. The Buddhist first noble truth is that the suffering of birth, old age, sickness and death is unavoidable.
    For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away
    To not acknowledge inevitable decline, to attempt to hold on to what can not be held, will cause people to miss out on the lessons of life’s later years. Of course…I’m not saying that people should give up on taking care of their bodies.
    There are other things besides sex (though sex is great…).
    The mark of a great life is how much you will be missed when you are gone.

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