On The Hunt: Rafael Alencar & Ian

We get the sense that a lot of Magnum rubbers were necessary for OnTheHunt‘s most recent shoot in Boston. Along with a handful of real Manhunt members, we brought along porn stars Drew Cutler and Rafael Alencar. And in case you didn’t know this about Rafael, his dick’s kind of ten inches long. Not to mention, really thick.

When Ian first arrived to the house, our crew cornered him and asked if he’d be willing to bottom for Rafael. He hadn’t been fucked in months, so he was naturally a bit hesitant upon getting a glimpse of that massive tool. Lucky for us? Rafael is very persuasive! He agreed to start things off nice and gentle, and they ease into things with plenty of oral, kissing and touching.

But once things move forward and Ian gets accustomed to the big Brazilian dick up his tight hole? Rafael lets loose on his ass, pounding him in nearly every position possible. They wrap things up with Ian upside-down, and he gets so turned on that he cums all over his own face! Hands down, this is one of the best OnTheHunt scenes we’ve ever seen…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: OnTheHunt

To check out Rafael Alencar and Ian in action, follow the JUMP:

26 thoughts on “On The Hunt: Rafael Alencar & Ian

  1. This is OnTheHunt? wow guys, this is definitely a huge step forward! like ginormously huge. this looks awesome. such a huge improvement! nothing like you ever offered before.

    extremely sexy guys, amazing sexy/relaxing set…

    gotta watch this!

  2. …”were both Brazilian” “and he’s right here”

    I love Brazilians…watching that trailer makes me want to be with my favorite Brazilian even more.


  3. I met Rafael and he is one of the nicest sweetest dudes you will ever meet…and even though I haven’t experienced that cock it looks delicious

  4. OMG! Fantastic – fuck! that gorgeous bubble ass was just begging to be fucked by that monster cock- would love to be there.

  5. after the bare backing of the virgin kid low point, this is the rebound 10/10 and 10 inches makes that 10 10 10 !!!! Great in all the best wet ways, damn ran out of handywipes to catch the slashdown I had watching the video on loop after loop after …

  6. Huge monster cock man ,
    that’s the best scene so far on the hunt.
    Rafael fuck me please!!!!

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