On The Hunt: Pierre & Roman

I’ll be honest–it took a while for Roman to grow on me. This is going to sound wrong, but he’s very straight. And whether you choose to believe it or not, his scenes for OnTheHunt are actually some of his first sexual experiences with another guy. Turns out that he learns fast.

After his inaugural rendezvous with Cort, this muscle hunk continued his experimentation with porn stars Pierre Fitch and Jeremy Hall. Anyone care to take a guess as to where this all leads? Here’s a hint… He winds up sandwiched between his two scene partners, taking a dick in his ass while he plow’s a certain someone’s hungry hole. Enjoy!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: OnTheHunt

To check out Roman and Pierre in action, follow the JUMP:

Watch a preview here if you can’t see the video above.

30 thoughts on “On The Hunt: Pierre & Roman

  1. I don’t care what these “straight” performers say; when you have sex with another man, you are NOT straight. What is the big deal?! It’s not going to be a hit to their masculinity to admit they’re bisexual.

  2. Roman, no way. Pierre is cute though. Do guys that get all these tats realize they are gonna age and those aren’t gonna look so good?

  3. Oh waitaminute, Roman isn’t the guy with the arm and leg tattoos lol. I still feel bad for anyone who has sex with Jeremy Hall tho!

  4. Ugh, I don’t understand how people think that Pierre Fitch is remotely attractive… He really doesn’t do anything for me at all :/

  5. The only one I have the slightest attraction to there is Pierre. But, that is besides the point. I have two tattoos myself. My first ever tat was an Ankh on my right pec. This was not take lightly, I really wanted it as the ankh is spiritually important to me.

    My second tat is the one that seems more tacky to many people. I have scars on my left wrist, and since I adore cats, I decided to cover the scars with a fish bone tat. I do not regret this. It serves it’s purpose, and is only in black ink so as not to draw extra attention.

    All in all, tattoos are superb, but only if they have meaning, or serve a purpose.

  6. you know, this site doesn’t feature any “real” manhunt members. At all. Just ugly pierre fitch or jeremy hall. Boring. as. fuck.

  7. There are a lot of straight guys starring in gay porn. It doesn’t make them bisexual, it’s just a job to them. Being physically stimulated by a mouth or an ass doesn’t alter the fact that they are attracted to women, not men.

  8. Jeremy Hall is no longer relevant. Someone please offer him a 401K or retirement package so that he can go home. When his teeth start falling out, are they gonna let him give “gum jobs?”

  9. i dunno whats wrong with u people the older guy is sexy,nothing wrong with him,if he has to be put out to pasture god help the rest of us!the young guys oka,older men are sexy!

  10. Actually Roman dude was in a gay porn site with that black dude with a big dick…umm castro. So idk why manhunt says he is unexperience when in fact has had dick before… and that fact that it was castros big ass dick only makes him an expert…

    itsgonnahurt.com is the site…check it out for yourself if you dont believe me

  11. Awe, Roman has the gay birth marks! How precious! This blog is so useless with its pseudo-enticements, which is really only a marketing ploy to buy some crapola porn that couldn’t get a guy hard if he had Androgel and Viagra shot directly into his veins.


  12. We met Roman on his FIRST shoot with ManHunt I know for 100% sure his first cock was with The Man Hunt crew we flew with him from Boston to Florida on the same plane, so sorry to inform you “A” but Roman did that video with its gonna hurt AFTER ManHunt/OnTheHunt with Pierre and Hall.

    Cole Maverick & hunter

  13. I’ll take Jeremy ANY DAY, especially now that he is “OLD, WASHED UP AND OVER 30.”
    You can all have your young things to yourselves, thank you.

    Jeremy…I’m waiting…

  14. OTH is basically washed up porn stars shooting video of other washed up porn stars but have 2 admit Roman has a nice ass just wished it was someone else FUCKING him ….

  15. Pierre Fitch has manboobs, backfat dimples, and a beergut-in-development. And don’t get me started on the trailer trash tattoos….

  16. I was never abused and I have a tat. And I don’t live in a trailer park. Live in an upscale neighborhood. Stereotypes don’t cut it.

  17. And by “upscale” ToddM means, everyone in the neighborhood has double wide trailers… Congrats Todd, point taken.

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