On The Hunt: Logan & Ian

The last time you saw Ian, he was getting plowed upside-down by massively hung porn star Rafael Alencar. We’re not even sure how he could walk after that scene, but he somehow managed to recover and come back for another round with Logan. You gotta love a man with an insatiable appetite for cock…

Naked cameraman Drew Cutler gets some great shots of these two. In particular? The part where he captures Logan’s low-hangers bouncing against Ian’s taint. Of course, the best shots of all are where Drew gets so excited that he has to jump in for some oral action. Enough already! When is he going to put down the camera and really get involved in one of these scenes?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: On The Hunt

To check out Logan and Ian in action, follow the JUMP:

16 thoughts on “On The Hunt: Logan & Ian

  1. i have a question for other members: when the cameraman “gets so excited he has to jump in” (i.e., every scene) is it a plus or annoying? did you come for the amateurs and get frustrated by the pro butting in (more accurately, topping in, usually) – or is it a special, and hot, bonus?

    [just looking for others’ opinions — not complaining]

  2. It’s actually a little bit of both. If the camera man didn’t look like he was “on” so much and was more natural about it, then it would be a lot hotter. The way it’s done so far, when ever he jumps in, its as if it’s suddenly all “his” scene. It never seems like he’s part of the “team.”

  3. I vote for annoying. This site was supposed to be about amatuers hooking up on camera. Not professional porn stars constantly getting in on the action. That always pissed me off when Jeremy Hall and Trevor Knight did it. Those two couldn’t film a scene without getting involved and now we have Drem Cutler. The last scene him filmed he was also naked. Can these guys every keep things professional when they’re behind the camera.

  4. I vote annoying every time it just makes it seem more and more staged that’s why I drop my membership over a year ago and have no intention of ever coming back !!!

  5. Okay, I’ll play devil’s advocate: maybe the naked cameraman serves as a stimulant, like a porn tape running in the foreground in old solo scenes. I agree that there was way too much Jeremy Hall inserting himself where he didn’t need to be. Perhaps the participants agree or disagree ahead of time as to the involvement of the cameraman. One thing’s for sure: the new filmers are an improvement over the likes of Hall and Knight.

  6. JDressler, are you a plant-question?

    I think the impetus of the camera-man getting involved in the scene is supposed to be a psychological manipulation that “Yes, I (as the viewer) COULD get into the hot, man-on-man, glorious action”…that we’re not just viewers anymore, as the camera-people are in porn; it’s breaking down the fourth wall, and getting the viewer more involved, more stimulated, and more likely to pay to view. It’s an interesting, and not baseless, stunt. When we watch porn, it’s because we like to imagine ourselves being there. By involving the camera-man, we’re given a channel to import ourselves.

    So is it hot? Yes, especially when the ‘camera-man’ is hot. Is it realistic? Sometimes, as long as the viewer feels like he can associate with the body and personality of the supposed camera-man. It’s a delicate balance of audience participation and each viewers personal self-portrayal and transcendence.

    In the end? It’s pretty obviously a preconceived situation…but that doesn’t eliminate the voyeuristic, self-imposing element that many of us enjoy.

  7. Well clearly they wanted this camera man to be part of the scene. No one forced them to include the parts where he was visible or involved. The camera guys (especially if they’re as hot as this one) should be naked so that it keeps the “performers” revved up. It’s hard to be sexy when a bunch of fully clothed guys are just standing around starring at you. Everyone being naked levels the field a bit. It seems that unless the site is about the camera man getting some action, he should stay back a bit and out of view and do his job. Since this is “on the hunt” however I have to agree with Demi above. Their thing is supposed to be about “regular guys getting it on and it being all wild and spontaneous” so having the camera guy “accidentally get involved” is probably to be expected. Bottom line…you know…whatever.

  8. i’m sometimes charmed by the notion (and act) of an a(n attractive) camera•person’s “joining in” what one records.

    i’m really surprised this doesn’t happen more often.

    maybe a “niche” can be carved out for this.
    with On The Hunt being one of the forefathers?

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