On The Download: Tori Amos, Monica Rush, Etc.

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I like giving just as much as receiving, but I'm feeling especially "giving" this holiday season. Since I'm feeling especially generous (and no, not in that way), I figured I'd share a few free MP3 downloads from some of Manhunt Daily's favorite artists. It'll give you something else to listen to besides all that pesky Christmas music.

This week's installment of On The Download includes original tracks by Dan Black, Tori Amos, Yeasayer and Monica Rush. Well, the Dan Black track may not be too "original", considering that it's a cover of Missy Elliott… but he certainly takes an original approach in recreating her song. Either way, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

– Dewitt

To check out the songs, follow the JUMP:


Dan Black – Pass That Head Noize (Missy Elliott cover): Where the hell has Missy Elliott been? I guess if she's not willing to turn out eclectic hip-hop jams, we could settle for a few reinterpretations of her hot rhymes. Dan Black takes the completely underrated "Pass That Dutch" and transforms it into something else entirely. It's pretty damn incredible.


Tori Amos – A Silent Night With You (Daytrotter Session): Tori Amos isn't known for love songs with happy endings, but this acoustic version of a track from Midwinter Graces is one of the few exceptions. Her set with Daytrotter also includes live studio takes of "Pink and Glitter", "Ophelia" and "Lady in Blue".


Yeasayer – Ambling Alp: When this song made a bid for the Weekly Top Ten Wild Card, it was ultimately defeated by Kid Cudi's collaboration with MGMT and Ratatat. Well, here's a freebie for all you indie lovers out there. Get it while it's hot!


Monica Rush – 100 doLLa biLL: After we featured this song's amazing music video a while back, one of you even called this "the best song ever". It comes pretty close, with an addictive chorus of "You want a hundred dollar bill with my face on it." Grab it for free, and enjoy it as many times as you can handle.

2 thoughts on “On The Download: Tori Amos, Monica Rush, Etc.

  1. am i missing something with regards to the “free” mp3 downloads? the daytrotter site, for example, only seems to have flash streaming versions of the tori amos songs. how does one download a free mp3?

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