On The Download: Britney, Gaga & More!

Lady Gaga, Hellogoodbye, Britney Spears, The xx

Did you really think we'd throw you into the new year without giving you some smokin' hot jams? It's time for another edition of On The Download, our weekly roundup of free MP3s from some of our favorite artists. Choose a song, put it on your iPod and get ready to do a little striptease, because it's New Year's Eve! And someone has to take their clothes off.

This week's selections include new remixes of Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and The xx brought to you by Peter Rahoufer, T-Minus 321 and Rory Phillips. We've also got a cute set from Hellogoodbye that's just made for cuddling in bed! Let's hope you enjoy these as much as we enjoyed blowing your ex-boyfriend last night. Kidding, kidding…

– Dewitt

To check out the songs, follow the JUMP:


Lady Gaga – Bad Romance (Ra Ra Rahoufer Anthem): Think you've got pretty good stamina? If you can keep up with all twelve minutes of this Peter Rahoufer remix, then I'll believe you. This one's definitely for the clubs, but that doesn't mean you can't bump it in your bedroom.


Hellogoodbye – Finding Something To Do: Another great session from Daytrotter! You have to sign up for the site to download this, but it's free and totally worth it. The set includes three unreleased tracks from the band that brought you "Here (In Your Arms)". While you're looking for someone to do, we highly recommend listening to "Finding Something To Do".


Britney Spears – 3 (T-Minus 321 Remix): This is honestly one of the best remixes of "3" that I've ever heard. It tones down the more annoying elements of the original, bringing out a part jam that'll heat up any New Year's Eve party. After all, tonight would be a great night for a threesome… but what night isn't?


The xx – Crystalised (Rory Phillips Mix): I am obsessed with The xx's debut album. Their minimal indie productions have been on repeat for the past month, and now Rory Phillips has turned out a fantastic dance remix of their single "Crystalised". It makes me want to have sex on a dance-floor!

5 thoughts on “On The Download: Britney, Gaga & More!

  1. no more bad romnce remixes…omg everytime i turn around there is a new one…lady gaga needs to release telephone asap…

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