Okay, I Guess You Can See My Dick (If You Want).

This is not a trick or some gimmick to convince you to follow me on Tumblr or like our page on Facebook. From now until June 19, 2014, I will unlock my private pictures on Manhunt for anyone who’s currently paying for an unlimited membership. If this seems like an utterly shameless way to thank (?) those of you who made Manhunt‘s 50% off sale a huge success, then you’re completely on to my evil plan.

You might be wondering what’s motivating me to finally show you the goods after five years of semi-privacy. The honest answer is that “I have no fucking clue”. A part of me wonders if this is a reckless decision that I will regret for the rest of the life! Another part of me wants to tell that first part to shut up and lick my balls, considering there’s an estimated 0.001% of Manhunt Daily‘s readership who actually have any desire to see me naked.

So what do you have to do to see my dick? First, obtain an unlimited membership to Manhunt (if you don’t have one already). Once that step’s complete, send a message to the DEWITT profile with the subject heading “unlock your pictures for me, you dumb whore”. You’re welcome to write more, but please keep in mind that I am answering these messages at work. Keep it short and sweet, or I will read your message, tell myself I’ll respond to it later and then forget about it five seconds afterward…

But really, that’s it! Get a membership. Message me. Done.

– Dewitt

Click my dumb chin to send me a message and tell me to unlock:




Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 9.47.46 AM

225 thoughts on “Okay, I Guess You Can See My Dick (If You Want).

  1. You’re all so cute for saying “please” and not using the “dumb whore” part, just because you want to be polite.

  2. Holy crap I didnt know how incredibly beautiful of a cub you are!! Damn! I dont need to see your cock, the beard and blue eyes are enough!

  3. I have no need for a Manhunt account but I’m thisclose to signing up just for you, Dewitt!

  4. yes! especially that photo where he’s on his stomach showing that furry hole and butt. everything looks so good to me!

  5. Ooh damn… Dewitt, you’re all kinds of sexy! You actually look good in a jockstrap, and those EYES! They’re probably the most beautiful pair of eyes I’ve ever seen!

    Once again, damn…!

  6. I’ve always felt that you don’t really know a man until you’ve checked out his dick… and I want you to know that I’m liking you a whole lot better now!!!

  7. I will admit to saying “dumb whore,” not out of disrespect but because I live to follow orders. πŸ˜‰

    I still say we should put Dewitt on The Ten!

  8. Dammit…I had an unlimited account not too long ago and go rid of it. Do I re-sign just to make this dream come true? Seriously a tough decision…

  9. After dealing with a storm and my power being out for 7 hours, this was seeming like a pretty crappy day…until I came here and saw this! I don’t really need a Manhunt account at the moment, but this is an offer I can’t refuse. Signed up and hope to see the pics soon–if the description in the other comments are true it’ll be worth the wait! (And yes, just from seeing his pics with his clothes on, it’s clear his partner’s a lucky guy.)

  10. Oh God, now I’ll have to sue. My keyboard is all sticky and stuff thanks to Dewitt’s unlock πŸ˜€ That is one of the finest set of pics I’ve seen on MH!

  11. A good looking, hung gay writer!?! Swoon. Of to get a pizza to drown my sorrows….

  12. Dewitt, many of us actually do think you are a very sexy man (as evidenced by all of these comments and I’m sure the flood of unlock requests that you’re getting). Perhaps you could try just saying “thank you” and owning your sexiness (even if you don’t think you’re sexy/hot/cute/desirable/adorable/cuddly/cubby/bitchin). You really are damn sexy and I can hardly wait to see more of you than just that pretty face.

  13. Hey guys, if you do not have an unlimited membershipwith Manhunt, Dewitt is most definitely worth getting one. Sincerely and honestly!!! He is gorgeous!!!

  14. You are TOO sweet saying that. Seriously, all of these compliments are going to go to my head (and I apologize that I couldn’t reply to each of them individually).

  15. hello i’d do it if asked politely lol. I got no shame. I just really stopped using Manhunt because of damn drama from guys in my area and there really is no one around me. So it kinda sucks.

  16. Holy shit on a shingle! I’m so glad I was able to come back to a fantasy of mine! You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this opportunity, you sexy thing!

  17. Dayum – you are one finetastic looking guy! With that and your sense of humour and grace you are totally droolworthy. And yes, you’d be voted number 1 on the top ten guys by me every week you were on there….sfguy – thanks for unlocking!

  18. Holy Ginger snaps, I will do all manner of naughty things to your cute butt, and as an extremely dominant bottom I will tie you up, chew on your nipples, and ride your perfect dick until your about to blow. I’ll freeze, jump off, and repeat until you’re edged so close to oblivion that you touch the void. Then I’ll swallow while you worship my hole and coat my furry chest with another steamy load. I’m going to have to reward your stamina with my own thick load across your beard.
    At least I plan to next time I’m in Mass.

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