Officer Beckham Teaches Kyle Kash Some Important Lessons

Bruce Beckham’s Chest Is Back!

Note: After the events of the last week (specifically) in the United States, I thought twice about posting this, or anything involving police officers. I really tried to watch this to see if there was anything that stood out as especially oblivious or negative relating to police, police stereotypes (aside from donuts), or the treatment of certain groups by law enforcement. At the end of the day, this really is just farcical porn nonsense, filmed long before this week, and isn’t meant to offend or impose upon anybody. But if you find that it does, I suggest this or this as alternatives to this particular scene/post.   -t


Boy, Dylan Lucas really waited a LONG damn time to release the second part of this scene (where Trenton Ducati was a cop and gave Trent Ferris exactly what he was begging for), and lucky for us, this one is the real good one. I love Bruce Beckham (and his magnificent, shelf-like chest) and you guys KNOW my fixation on Kyle Kash. This is gonna be excellent:

Once Officer Trenton and Trent go their separate ways Bruce sits his offender down at the table to discuss with him what’s going to happen. Bruce tells him that he the new Daddy in town and to pull his pants down so he can lick it really well. Kyle isn’t sure what to do at first but Bruce is very demanding so he does what he is told like a good little boy. Bruce rubs his whole face in that sexy smooth shaven ass of Kyle’s licking and pulling on his cock from behind. Kyle is in heaven as he can feel Bruce’s scruffy face rubbing all over his ass.



This is. MORE of this please. These guys are the business. They just are. Please do more fun things with them.

No notes. Everyone can go home early.


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You totally should watch the full version of this and the scene before it (cause they fit together so nicely!). Dylan Lucas membership is 50% off right now, with a $1 trial. I garuntee that it’s worth 1$ to see just this. GO!


– tyler

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