“No Asians” Is Bullshit

I’m also of a mind that any “No [insert shallowness here]” declaration on your Manhunt or any other fuck/dating app/site profile is equally bullshit. How about we take everyone on a case-by-case basis, huh? You sound like a dick.

That being said – here’s some Asian guys to make you wonder why the hell anyone wouldn’t be into men this beautiful. They’re by photographer Teddy Tzeng (via Queerty) and the guy can shoot. Actually, he could be terrible with his camera and have his thumb in each shot and these guys would still melt my shorts.

And frankly, I’d take a fat, effeminate Asian guy over a ripped, catalog handsome Caucasian douchebag any day. You scoff, but it’s true. You’re probably going to have a lot more fun with the former.

Check out some beautiful Asian guys below.

– Michael Xavier








53 thoughts on ““No Asians” Is Bullshit

  1. I’m a white man but I say: Good for u for speaking up! And love that u said “insert shallowness here” Statements like those come from imbeciles that forgot we needed to stick together to come as far as we have. And more importantly forget we are still targets for many. (Orlando is a recent example.)

  2. Honestly these days if they’ve got a pulse and a penis they’re OK. And if they’re an attractive trans man the penis is optional

  3. I still can not understand why showing any pubic hair is so taboo in the Asian culture.
    I think that black fur on their skin tone is such a turn on.

    But yes I too would take pictures of these men over White dudes sporting the same body builds any day as well.

    I agree with you though I do not count out anyone and always go on a person to person bases.

  4. I’m not racist, there are beautiful asian men and there are those not so attractive just like any race. Most of these men appear to be biracial though.

  5. I think that it’s best to list what you DO want on your profile rather than make a long list of the things you don’t want. When I look at a profile and see “no this or that, dont message me if this etc. etc.” it just turns me off. You can have your likes and dislikes, but whats the point in being so negative and putting others down? I personally don’t see the point.

  6. Asian guys are hot as gravy. Love ’em. I really don’t understand how people can block them out.

  7. If you’re having a bad day, don’t take it out on the people of this post. No one here understands what your problem is. CHILL

  8. LOL I guess you can’t read I’m not racists I complimented the guys in the photo’s and I have never had anything in my profiles on any site that discriminates against anyone.

    And how dare you accuse me of having sex with an animal other than a human being I consider them my child and protect them like they are my Child.

    And no one is welcome in my house unless they are cool with my dog I won’t even lock my dog in a room just to have sex with someone who hates dog’s.

    But your more than welcome to show up at my door so I can put you in the hospital for even suggesting I do that!

  9. I second this. Race is not an issue for me, in fact, it is a bonus. Not only do we get a hot, sexy man, we also get to learn about another culture. And, my gosh, look how effin’ hot those guys are above.

  10. I don’t think it’s so much their race, as it is the fact that they’re all muscly gods. In terms of facial features that physically attract me, yes, I prefer Asians less. That doesn’t mean I alienate them. It means I’m most attracted to men with features similar to mine. Maybe if I was Asian, I’d be more into other Asians, I dunno.

  11. When it comes to sex, we have preferences. I’m not into women and for
    whatever reason I’m not at all attracted to Asian guys. I have lots of
    Asian friends, co-workers and family members that I love. But sexually
    not attracted, so why don’t you people mind your own business, Stating
    sexual preferences is not racism, it just being honest about your sexual
    preferences, and no amount of bullying on your part will change that.

  12. Im also an Asian but it does’t hurt my feelings. It’s just a sexual preferences not a racism at all. honestly, I’m not attracted to same Asian too… is it mean I’m racist? i don’t think so. You know what? We can’t change people’s way of thinking or their thoughts towards us Asian but we can change the way we react. PEACE

  13. Aussie here, I did not see many people writing things like this at my place compared to 3 – 4 years ago, however, younger(< 30) guys still tend to block or ignore or stop chatting half way without any reason (I guess it is common they do that to any race…), and it is common to see people from Europe/Middle east and South Africa write this from what I have seen. Although I does not get offended, I felt bit sad to see what they wrote, it felts that they are picking goods and bargaining about it…

  14. Personally, I like it when a guy is upfront about characteristics that he doesn’t like. Why waste my time if he’s not into me? People get offended way too easily. If you’re not into me, the next guy will be. Where’s the problem?

  15. People getting offended ‘too easily’ doesn’t remove the fact that it is problematic for the people who experience it. Just because you choose to ignore the issue or have a position of privilege to dismiss it, doesn’t invalidate the experience of others.

  16. We all experience it and we all do it.

    I don’t share the sentiment, by the way, I think it’s ridiculous. But, I won’t date junkies. I prefer smooth guys. I don’t find bald guys attractive. Are those okay?

    You can’t help what you are attracted to.

    I’m short, bisexual, and over 40. Guys dismiss me every day based on those things. If they’re not attracted to any of those, I would rather they listed those biases in their profiles upfront so I don’t waste my time with them.

  17. I think someone’s being too sensitive. I’m simply not attracted to other races…I like my own race. I’m White but there’s all different ethnicities in my family….I”m not racist by any means….I lived two years in Africa and two years in Japan and India….Still I only had sex with white guys…that’s my thang. So I can understand why someone might put, “No Asians” in their profile….ALTHOUGH….I think it’s a bit tacky to do so. Just politely decline….everyone gets the message and no sharp words are exchanged. In other words….keep it to yourself and just politely decline on another point; like, you’re too far away and I’m looking for local guys. Shows good character.

  18. At no point have I said that it’s not okay to have preferences.

    People can be attracted to whomever they want. But why bring entire groups of people down and in a derogatory and dismissive manner? What you have described (reasons for dismissal) are characteristics. ‘Asian’ and ‘Black’ however are blanket terms that say nothing to describe the person, more often than not, even physically.

    The issue is the way in which people go about conducting themselves. Words and actions have consequences – and maybe for you they have little meaning. For many, this is not the case.

  19. “Some of my best friends are ethnic.”
    I’m going to go ahead and completely dismiss the first part of your post, because for all intents and purposes, it is irrelevant.

    People are allowed to be sensitive if the issue is actually affecting them. You might never understand what effect this kind of language can have on people. When you say “although it’s tacky”, you’ve touched upon the subject. What you find tacky, others may find dismissive, ignorant, and hurtful. It’s the manner that people conduct themselves, which is the problem.

  20. Reasons for dismissal are reasons for dismissal. “No asians” is exactly the same as “No bald”, “No smokers”, “No guys named Gregg”. In all cases, people are being dismissed based upon ridiculous characteristics that have nothing to do with who they are as human beings.

    The people writing these things are just being honest about what they want. Would you rather they didn’t state it but then ignored you or dismissed you after you’ve tried talking to them?

    Again, I don’t discriminate against guys based upon their heritage. I don’t think anyone should. BUT, I would prefer if everyone was upfront right on their profiles if they do just so i can dismiss them in turn.

    Instead of being offended that you were dismissed, be glad he didn’t lead you on by being nice.

  21. Actually, no, “No Asians” is not exactly the same as “No smokers”. Are you kidding me? How can you equate the two?

    Some reasons for dismissal are inherently worse than others. There is a judgement and a weight based to our preferences, and baldness and smoking are not concepts tied to race, identity and culture.

    The mere fact you’re saying they’re the same really indicates you’ve never been to subject to that level of discrimination (and I say that in the least racially charged way possible). The subtleties of identity and race may not affect YOU, but they certainly do for other groups mentioned.

    One can be honest in their preferences, without beating other people down. And YES, I would rather be dismissed politely and after engaging in conversation than being targeted outright (which is what it is).

  22. It’s the *way* you state your preferences which may be problematic. What don’t you get about that?

  23. They are both “ridiculous characteristics that have nothing to do with who they are as human beings”.

    Once again, I don’t see why or how you can get offended by someone being honest and upfront about what they are attracted to. They can’t control what they find attractive any more than you can control the color of your skin or I can control how tall I am.

    We all dismiss people based upon these stupid shallow labels. Isn’t “And frankly, I’d take a fat, effeminate Asian guy over a ripped, catalog handsome Caucasian douchebag any day. You scoff, but it’s true. You’re probably going to have a lot more fun with the former.” EXACTLY the type of blanket dismissal that you are whining about?

    It sounds to me like you are perfectly fine dismissing people based upon whatever labels they wear as long as you don’t wear that label.

  24. Yes, and one carries weight, the other doesn’t.

    Again, you’re completely missing my point. People can have whatever preferences they want. But what you call “honest language” is shitty human behaviour. Would you use the same language to someone you met while out in a bar?

    You don’t see how one can get offended by these so-called ‘honesties’ because it’s probably never happened to you. Do you know what this kind of language does for the self-esteem of these targets? And you can tell them to harden up, but why can’t everyone writing that just not be assholes?

    Let me correct how it “sounds to you”. I’m not perfectly fine dismissing people based on problematic labels. I am against any sort of labels, anti-fem, anti-fatty, anti any shit since it’s all reductive and plain dick behaviour.

    Why can’t people simply write what they want without being fuckwits? It’s because they’re lazy and ignorant, that’s why.

  25. I agree that it is total dick behavior. But that shitty behavior is doing you a favor so you don’t waste your time on shallow fucktards. That is the only place where we differ here.

    I would rather read in a profile, long before i’ve ever wasted a second my life on talking to someone that they will never be into me based on whatever label they choose than to chat with them for days and then get rejected because of that same label.

    It sounds like you would rather they first talked to you and got to know you before politely rejecting you because they are not into X label.

    I just don’t have that kind of time. There are plenty of guys out there that do want me, those that don’t have no impact on my life either way. I just appreciate blunt honesty.

  26. The shitty behaviour is doing less of a favour than the collateral effects.

    While you appreciate blunt honesty, for a lot of us, it is perpetuation and feeds into peoples’ wider acceptance of that behaviour, and into notions of those groups’ non-desirability.

    Those people would never ‘talk to me first’. I would simply appreciate a non-answer, a block, or a ‘not interested’ without having to trawl through constant dick behaviour.

  27. Yes I do realize it is a huge and diverse culture and most who think of Asian, myself included, think of Japan, China, Malaysia, Korean and so forth.

    While I realize others also include themselves as Asian they are not depicted here in this post.

    I’m sorry but not going to get into a debate about political correctness of everything and taking offense to something minor that was a general statement. If you found what I said offensive fine you made your point but not going to change my wording to make you happy. My apologies that it bothered you is the best I will offer.

    BTW you have a handsome face if that picture is yours!

  28. The only problem with listing all the things you do not like in people make you come off as an ass in the first place and second it doesn’t allow you any room at all to talk about yourself which is what a profile is suppose to be.

    And what you find unattractive with one man might be different with another and it may look good on another man so kind of silly to dismiss one type of look.

    Rejection is a part of life it happens to everyone of all walks of life. While it is sometimes frustrating and depressing over time and fucks up the ego people will often accept you more if you stop putting yourself into their idea of a group. I’m ME and no one else is like me as far as I am concerned so what people say in a profile or a reply rolls off me easily and means it me they were not worth my time anyways because they will never see me for who I am as an individual.

  29. There’s where we differ. A non-answer or abandoned conversation always leaves me questioning what I said wrong. With bunt honesty, I know that they have the problem, not me.

    I believe our differences are what make us interesting. If someone doesn’t care to see beyond whatever labels they have put on me, it’s their loss.

    We can’t change people, but we can change how their actions affect us. I just choose not to give them the power to offend me. Instead I use their negativity in a positive way.

  30. The thought just occurred to me that these rejections of Asians are less likely based on facial and or bodily attractiveness. I think it’s probably a “size queen” issue!

    Think on it…

  31. It kind of hurts my feelings when I see the racial preferences (especially when you compound that profile with outdated or inaccurate photos/stats).

    Oh man, for a second I thought the dudes in the photos were sticking their middle fingers up. haha. That would have been fitting for this post.

  32. So your going to be sensitive because some random person on the internet isn’t attracted to Asians/black/native/insert race here and is saying so. No one (or rather very few are saying) deport/ignore/defriend asians. Not everyone’s attracted to the same thing, and that’s fine to express that, and getting your panties in a twist over it is just looking for another thing to get upset over. I also find it funny the same people who complain about people going “no asians” type of commentary have no problems with the “No chubs/bears” type of comment. Maybe if you spent less time getting upset with people online for not liking you, and spent more time online for those who do, you’d find less of an issue with it.. Because honestly, it’s not my job on the internet to make you feel better about yourself

  33. According to Tumblr that must mean your a self hating Gay Asian male. But I agree, sexual attraction and racism aren’t the same thing. I find some Asian & Middle eastern cultures and people amazing/fascinating and over all amazing people, it doesn’t mean I find them physically attractive.

  34. Honestly, at this point you just sound like the Angry Asian looking for something to get upset about. A preference is a preference, I could see being upset if someone went “No slant eyes’ or “No gooks” but they aren’t. You can not be sexually attracted to a race, and not be racist they aren’t mutually exclusive

  35. The irony of this blog post is that while the subject matter has some merit, it’s totally undermined by the author then posting pics of only young buff, smooth Asians. Asians are of a wide variety of body types, including skinny, fat, hairy, old. So, you’re basically stereotyping what is attractive…and thus your whole post goes down in flames, for while you don’t explicitly say that “these are the only attractive Asian men”, you imply it by the images you use. It’s not just words that have impact. For the record, as an Asian American, I am not offended by someone saying “No Asians”. But I can understand those who might be. If you are one of those people, well, you know that whomever wrote that in their profile doesn’t deserve your time or attention. Move on, and recognize that the world isn’t perfect, and that there definitely are some less than perfect people on the planet (which, again, brings me back to the irony of the pics posted). Just my 2 cents…

  36. What kind of thinking is that? What a shallow minded fellow think that way…I’m just not attracted to same asian i don’t hate them…same with gay men mostly not attracted to women but it doesn’t mean gay guys hate women. If we just evaluate this post deeply. It’s obviously stereotyping…why? he only posted young smooth and nice body build asians. why is that? Again as i said ” we can’t change people think or say but we change the way we react” peace

  37. Evidently, the only preferences that matter are those of the author. Who, from the images shown here, appears to be only attracted to fit, young, masculine asian men. All while he venomously criticizes caucasian men. It’s interesting how he feels only his preferences matter, while the preferences of others don’t. The author completely invalidated his position by being a total dick.

  38. You all are very nit picky aren’t you. The author stated he’d take a fat effeminate Asian over a ripped douche. That’s at least some indication that’s opposite of the pictures posted. Selective attention is insane with people these days.

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