Nick Sterling Filmed a Thing for CockyBoys!

Alright, Nick!


Nick Sterling is one of those great guys whose careers I haven’t ever understood. He has a big boy day job and he never seems to be in a ton of stuff for any one studio at any one time. He just kinda dips in and out of different studios and different performers to suit his taste. I would so much rather watch somebody who works like that than somebody who shoots like it’s paying his taxes and he has no choice. That Nick has other stuff going on makes the stuff he does choose to do even better:


In this episode of One Erection: The (Un)making of a Boy Band, Spanish stud Allen King arrives unannounced to the estate where his former pop group New Direction continue to film their music video, directed by legendary filmmaker/DJ/drag queen Chi Chi LaRue. Tensions boil over when he has a run-in with New Direction front-man, Liam Riley, making it clear why the group went on hiatus in the first place.

Meanwhile, Chi Chi films footage for the music video with porn star and leather enthusiast, Nick Sterling, as New Direction member Kody Stewart watches admirably from afar. While Chi Chi swears the music video won’t incorporate porn, his actions prove otherwise as he encourages a not-so-candid interaction between Nick and Kody before going off to meditate.



I love that Jake and ChiChi figured out a way to shoot with Nick and that he was smart enough to be part of something as cool as One Erection.


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This series really has been something special and they’ve managed to use the best of their guys to make something funny and enjoyable, in addition to being boner-inducing.


You should go check out the full series for One Erection, after you’re done whacking it to my buddy Nick there.


– tyler

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