Next Door World: Alex Tanner And Ty Thomas Shower Together At The “Hostel”

Just avoid the dude at the front desk.

I DO think firecrotch Alex Tanner is a milky piece of ass. Having said that, I didn’t LOVE the first installment of “Str8 Bait Hostel”. Mostly because the old dude at the counter skeeved me out so much I could barely focus on Damien Hyde using Tanner as a finger-puppet. I’m considerably more enamored of this installment. Let’s hop in the shower!

After making eye contact, Ty boldly inches closer to Alex, staring at him as he takes Alex’s hand and rests it on his cock. Alex grips it and slowly massages it as Ty gets hard in his grasp. They kiss as the shower rains down upon them, and Ty pushes Alex up against the wall, kissing down his back and spreading his cheeks wide, tonguing his hole as Alex leans against the wall.

The best thing about fucking in the shower is that clean-up is minimal.

Rock hard, Ty plunges his cock deep inside Alex and fucks him standing up from behind. Alex takes every thrust that Ty delivers before they move over to the bench, where Alex spreads his legs and rides Ty reverse, bouncing on his cock as steam fills the room. Flipping him over onto his back, Ty fucks Alex missionary as Alex strokes himself off, spitting jizz all over himself as Ty pulls out and messes Alex’s clean body with his own load.

There’s also a sub-plot about a mystery dildo which is obvious foreshadowing for the next scene. This one was hot, so I have high hopes. Just as long as they keep the front desk guy out of it. *shiver*

Check out more of STR8 Bait Hostel: The Setup below. You can see even more at Next Door World.

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