Netflix’s Sex Education Is Casting Two New Trans Characters

Sex Education’s fourth season is going to be its queerest yet!

The popular British teen dramedy about a group of students at Moordale Secondary School learning about sex and life is coming back for a fourth season soon, and it’s adding even more queer characters to the cast.

The show is currently casting two new trans roles for the upcoming season, and it’s looking for trans actors to fill the spots. The two characters, named Abbi and Kent, are actually a couple in the show, and it looks like they’ll be college students. The casting call was put on Twitter by nonbinary writer Krishna Istha, who writes for the show.

“Abbi is a young trans woman with a ’90s Winona Rider vibe, who is confident and self-assured in her gender identity,” the first casting description reads. “Abbi is the leader of her group and the queen bee of her college — every girl either wants to be like her, or be friends with her. She’s sunny, magnetic, generous and loyal.”

We also get a look at the character’s family life. “When Abbi came out as a trans woman, she was kicked out of the house by her conservative parents. She currently lives with her boyfriend Kent, whose family are much more accepting,” it reads. “Abbi used to be religious, but had to move away from her faith when it started to damage her sense of self. She still considers herself ‘spiritual,’ and attends a secular and inclusive congregation which celebrates community and chosen family.”

As for Kent, he’s described as Abbi’s transmasculine boyfriend who is “goofy, forgetful, and a great listener.” “They’re the ultimate power couple — they’ve been together for a  while and are the epitome of ‘couple goals,’ everyone loves them. Kent is as sure about being one of the popular kids as Abbi, but he knows himself and feels quietly confident about his final year at college.”

No prior acting experience is necessary, and the show shoots in Wales from April-November 2022, so if you fit the direction, this could be your big break!

Season three of the show already introduced some nonbinary students into the show. Musician Dua Saleh played Cal, a nonbinary student who relocated from Minneapolis to England, and Robyn Doldaway played Layla, another nonbinary student at the school.

As the show keeps going, it gets more and more queer and more and more trans, and we absolutely love to see it! The first three seasons of Sex Education are currently streaming on Netflix!

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