We Needed More Cash Lockhart In Our Lives, And Jason Sparks Came Through

Oooooooo, Cash Lockhart. He’s my kind of fucker! He’s getting ravaged by Kyle Steele’s cock over at Jason Sparks Live. I haven’t seen Cash’s hot ass since that rock-climbing fuckfest over on Guys In Sweatpants, and I am welcoming his return! I just wish he wasn’t shaving his chest. Let’s prohibit the overwaxing of bodies in porn. I’m honored to be attending Hustlaball in Vegas this weekend and I think I’m going to host a booth calling attention to my new cause – LESS WAXING IN GAY PORN. SOME waxing is ok, just recognize there’s no need to go fully smooth. Let’s embrace our natural masculinity, fellas. This means you, Cash. I’m going to need something to cushion my head when I collapse on your chest after you finish drilling me.

He kept the hairy legs, though. We can be thankful for that.

There’s more Cash and Kyle below. Click on over to Jason Sparks Live for the full effect.

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