Name That Bulge: Red Carpet Edition

Which sexy Hollywood actor was presumably rocking it commando in some lightly colored pants? All was well until the photographer's bright lights exposed him on the red carpet! Knowing this man's awareness of his sex appeal, we're suspicious this may have been an intentional nod to his fans. Or this could just be a fake picture. We sure hope the latter isn't true, because if he's this big flaccid… ::wipes drool from face:: 

– Dewitt
To find out whose bulge this is, follow the JUMP:

It's none other than former MANHUNT Daily Wood Ryan Reynolds, promoting his film The Proposal. Do you think Betty White got a glimpse of that monster while she was on set? Thanks to Wicked Gay Blog for the tip!

14 thoughts on “Name That Bulge: Red Carpet Edition

  1. Looks airbrushed to me. In his last nude shot his junk(which was shot from the back)didn’t look that “ample” Would be nice if it were though.

  2. It’s fake. There’s no creasing in the pants, which aren’t that tight on the other side. There’s no reason for his whole left leg to look like it’s in shadow.

  3. yep, his pants aren’t that tight to shape around his dick this way.
    gorgeous guy he is though

  4. With his right leg up like that there is NO way we would see that kind of ‘coverage’ in an undoctered pic.

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