Naked Sword’s Fame★Game Music Video: Pain

Starring Mickey Taylor + Boomer Banks, Bray Love, Topher Dimaggio and more. 


I really like this song and this video is such a bummer! This could only be sadder if Adele was singing it. Totally rained on my Saturday afternoon:


I mean, how good a job did Mr. Pam do with this though? That shit was beautiful.  And how butch is Boomer here?


I’m posting about Episode 3 of Fame★Game here later today. Right now though, watch this BTS video (featuring Boomer’s huge dick + other assorted things):


Man. Naked Sword Originals is on a tear right now. Based on what I know about what they’ve got in production and in the can already, you should think about signing up now. Your fist/dick will thank you.




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