Naked Personal Trainer Jizzes on Neighbor’s Welcome Mat

Welcome, indeed!


I like the world of personal trainers, because it seems like literally anyone can just do some situps and call themselves a “trainer.” I also like the inflated senses of self and the sexual egos that that job produces. Let’s look at Exhibit A:

Just a normal guy who loves fitness. I’m a personal trainer and group fitness instructor and am currently in my last semester at CSUF for Exercise Science. If you have any questions about fitness or healthy lifestyle questions feel free to ask. I’m also open to being asked other questions so please do not hold back. I will post sex pics and fitness wellness themed pictures.

Oh, I see.Healthy lifestyle questions” was it? How about this one: What makes a perfectly “normal guy” who “loves fitness” get out of his apartment late at night, all naked and horny, and jack off until he busts a huge (seriously watch the clip!) load all over his neighbor’s door and rug? HMMMM? And then also FILM it and put it on tumblr!?

Put it fullscreen so you really get the full impact of him training himself: 


Nahhhh. I’m just kidding. Lol. Keep up the good work.  This is awesome and if more people did this kinda thing maybe you wouldn’t be out there training alone!  Keep the internet weird, everybody.

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You can follow this “normal guy” on tumblr where he posts a LOT of stuff like this. Woof.



5 thoughts on “Naked Personal Trainer Jizzes on Neighbor’s Welcome Mat

  1. I live in DC and once saw this guy, very hot guy mind you, standing between two parked cars wanking off as he watched people walk by. I asked him if he needed help with that and he took off like a feral cat. Honestly, I did not want to have sex with him because he was obviously happy lurking and to do something like that, only a mentally disturbed person could do. But I enjoyed fucking with him. Human beings are funny.

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