My Favorite Shoot: Conner Habib

Gay porn stars provide us with the sexiest fucking, sucking, rimming and riding scenes imaginable. Our spank banks are indebted to them for eternity and beyond. Did you ever wonder what they consider to be their own hottest scenes? We asked our favorite fuckers to let us know what videos they’ve shot that were the hottest or most memorable for them. This week, the extremely attractive and very intelligent porn star/writer Conner Habib let us know about his favorite shoot. Believe me when I say this is the best “My Favorite Shoot” so far. Conner gave an excellent account, and provided us with some awesome shots.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Channel 1 Releasing

To read about Conner Habib’s favorite shoot (and see pics from it), Follow the JUMP:

I walked into the green room and there were four guys hanging out, eating grapes, watching loud television. They welcomed me. The ones I didn’t know introduced themselves, and they were all very friendly. Soon, I’d put on a ski mask and walk down the hallway to a black room where Bobby Clark, Johnny Hazzard, Logan Scott, and Brenn Wyson would all stuff their dicks in my mouth. Then they’d fuck me one by one. They’d cum and sweat on and yell at me.

These are the things I remember from that shoot – the gang bang scene in Cock Tales: Raising the Bar 2 from Channel 1 Releasing.

I remember opening my mouth as wide as I could so that Logan Scott and Bobby Clark could both slide their cocks in.

I remember Logan worrying about topping in a movie because he never had before, and how perfect he was at it and how amazing his dick felt. I remember how afterward, he smiled proudly.

I remember Bobby Clark fucking me aggressively and pulling out, and then the look on his face as he yelled, “You ready for this?” before Brenn Wyson jammed his huge dick into me.

Steven Daigle was filming in-scene with a little handheld camera. Chi Chi Larue was directing and Adam Killian was the main cameraman. The ski mask was itchy, the lights were hot. It was hard work, and I loved it.

I remember Brenn Wyson’s thick Boston accent and the names he called me while he was fucking me. When he first put his dick in me, it was too big and I jumped and cried out. I remember him telling me to shutup. We kept shooting.

Steven Daigle was yelling too – telling everyone to keep going, to keep fucking me, to keep giving me what I wanted.

I remember Johnny Hazard’s handsome face and how, even during the orgy, when he topped me, he managed to make it feel intimate. I’d never met him before and was almost starstruck back in that green room. But he was a gentleman, I thought. As he was fucking me, he was somehow sexy and well-mannered all at once.

And then he pulled out and they started all over again, each one stepping up to fuck me, each one taking a turn. Then they pulled me off the platform I was on and kneeled me down in front of them. They all shot their cum on my ski mask and I felt the cum roll down into my sweaty chest hair.

I remember how, after I took the cum-covered mask off, after we were done shooting, they all clapped for me. I felt so grateful to have shared this experience with those guys; to have made them all feel good and to have pushed myself to the limit for them and whoever would see the scene when it came out.

It was the scene that made me ready for almost any scene. It was intense and so much work and so completely worth it. For weeks after and even now – months later – I’ll think of those hours in that black room and those men above me. I’ll jerk off and remember it.

Making that video sounded like a meeting of the gay porn Superfriends. See why that’s the BEST “My Favorite Shoot” we’ve had so far? Thanks, Conner! Btw, if you enjoy Conner’s writing as much as we do – check out his blog.

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