Must Watch: Who Run The World? Cubby.

You remember Cubby, right? He’s a chub cub interpreter of Beyonce‘s artistry, as well as being a close personal friend to B. Cubby shot to Internet stardom with his leotarded take on “Single Ladies,” and he’s back and testing the material strength of every kind of stretchy fabric. This gurl is ambitious and even has a budget now! For “Girls (Who Run The World),” he brought in muscleboys, lavish CGI, and even a farm animal or two! Behold – a star!

To watch Cubby run the world, Follow the JUMP:

21 thoughts on “Must Watch: Who Run The World? Cubby.

  1. I think Manhunt Daily should have a contest where a) u guys choose a song (can even be a plug in to something or someone that benefits u guys), and b) run a contest for its members to enter videos….

    kind of like how Madonna did one for True Blue with MTV a million years ago, remember?

    it could be cool if the song did not have a video yet, that way it would not simply be a parody or copy, but something else altogether…

    I’m not sure if this video crossed over the sweet and fun into the cool, it might have gotten stuck in that place between self-deprecating and sad…. =-/

    I think if he was trying to just be himself instead of  trying to be Beyonce it would be better….

    and twenty years ago, I think someone did it better:

  2. Terrymck I laughed out loud when i read your comment…i’m tired of watching people make asses of them selves in these videos.

  3. You either have to have a lot of courage or a lot of stupidity to make a total ass of yourself on the internet. 

  4. i wonder if he left the tags on the outfits so he could try to return them after he shot the video…

  5. Good on him for having a go. Take a lot of internal strength to perform and put it on the internet when it can be viewed by a bunch of vicious homos. Once again Go Cubby.

  6. I suspect Chubby… er, Cubby gets off on being ridiculed by the other “vicious” reindeer

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