Must Watch: Show Me Your Teeth


I love me some Lady Gaga and one of my favorite songs from The Fame Monster album is “Teeth“. I was stoked when a friend sent me this video featuring two incredibly hot guys lip-synching to “Teeth”. The whole vampire theme they have going on is hot and I was expecting one of the guys to go down on the other one. Sadly that didn’t happen but there was a lot of neck kissing and ear nibbling. Wow, that totally just gave me a boner.

– Andy

To watch the video, follow the JUMP:

11 thoughts on “Must Watch: Show Me Your Teeth

  1. WOW! OMG ! What I would do 2 the hot dude with suspenders on … Ride his ASS like a Jockey on the winning horse N the Kentucky Derby !!!

  2. “Teeth” is my favorite song off her album, but I found this video to be cheesy…To their credit the guys did have nice bodies 🙂

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