Music Review: Jeremih by Jeremih

On one hand, "Birthday Sex" singer Jeremih's self-titled debut couldn't have come at a worst time. No matter how many albums the R&B newcomer sells this week, his successes will indefinitely be overshadowed by the death of King of Pop Michael Jackson, as well as the late singer's overwhelming sales and airplay from beyond the grave.
From a different perspective, Jeremih couldn't have come out at a better time, given that the competition isn't quite as fierce. Chris Brown is out of commission until the unfortunate moment when his scandal fades away, Usher's becoming more well-known for his drama with Tameka than his music and R. Kelly… well, do I even need to go there? Now is the perfect time for a contemporary maker of R&B sex jams to emerge from his cocoon and spread his filthy wings.
While Jeremih is packed with potential hits from "Break Up To Make Up" to "Buh Bye", it's still questionable whether this newbie has the staying power to become a household name. Frankly, he seems content with being nothing more than a bedroom and club fixture, and it's relatively certain that he won't be kicked out of either realm within the near future.
– Dewitt

120 thoughts on “Music Review: Jeremih by Jeremih

  1. im really enjoying the album. it’s just what the rnb game was needing in this quasi-drought..
    “im a star” definately isn’t 2nd single material. “jumpin” would be a hott mid-summer release.
    he went to school for engineering, plays multiple instruments and he’s hot!
    additionally he’s backed by def jam, they pump massive dough into marketing their artists (see; rihanna, jay-z, run dmc)

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