Morgan Black & Kyle King Are “Jocks In Jocks”

We’re a little obsessed with Kyle King. You probably could have figured that out by the way we gushed over his scenes with Shay Michaels and Dean Monroe. Or the way we cried silently in a corner when we realized he won’t be appearing on tonight’s edition of The Ten.

It doesn’t matter whether he’s playing the role of top or bottom. Kyle King can do no wrong. I mean, have you seen his new scene with Bruno Knight on MenAtPlay? It’s like his butthole is made of magic or something. If you don’t believe us, watch the trailer over here. Magic, we tell you!

Then again, this post was supposed to be about his scene with Morgan Black. We get distracted when glorious buttholes are all up in our faces. And in this case? There are two to choose from! Yes, much to our pleasure, Morgan and Kyle are flip-fucking in this clip. It’s yet another example of why flip-fucking is the best invention ever.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Cocksure Men

To check out Morgan Black and Kyle King in action, follow the JUMP:

Click here or below for a free video preview:

Or watch the full scene NOW at Cocksure Men!


Also, not to beat a dead horse or anything… BUT HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?

Watch it all on MenAtPlay!

386 thoughts on “Morgan Black & Kyle King Are “Jocks In Jocks”

  1. Jockstraps are pretty much the greatest invention ever.  Neither of these guys should be allowed to wear more clothes than that.  HOT!

  2. Yes, Morgan does look like Bradley Cooper. Bradley has some beautiful blue eyes, like the hot guy in Thor.

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