More Videos of Jesse Jackman Being Likable & Lickable

Just so you know we’re not playing favorites, here’s a picture of Titan Men exclusive Jesse Jackman posing with fellow gay porn star Dirk Caber. Apparently, both of these absurdly handsome gentlemen made appearances on the final stop of the Manhunt X tour, this past Saturday at Boston’s House of Blues.

This is the part of the post where I’m kicking myself in the face, because I missed an opportunity to drunkenly mingle with Jesse, Dirk, Adam Wirthmore, Austin Wilde, Brent Corrigan, Anthony Romero and a bunch of other dudes I want to touch in inappropriate ways.

Oh well (again). At least I have these adorable videos of Mr. Jackman?

UPDATE: Jesse and Dirk are a couple? Kill me. That’s too fucking hot. Also, I’ve just received word that there are MANY more pictures from this event. We’ll post them as soon as they’re available.

– Dewitt

Photos via: Jesse Jackman

Click through to fall even deeper in love with Jesse Jackman:

On how to properly shave your head (complete with gratuitous close-ups):

On what he wants for Christmas (complete with dorky tech humor):

On people recognizing him at Folsom (complete with boner-worthy smiles):

On his favorite sport:

On breaking the set:

On Chocolate Salty Balls:

On that time he had a threesome with Jessy Ares and Roman Wright:

499 thoughts on “More Videos of Jesse Jackman Being Likable & Lickable

  1. Thank you for the shower clip – Christmas present came early – wonderful to see such a power guy relaxed and shaving in the shower – the guy has an amazing body – this guy has to get into the top ten.

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