Millonaire Matchmaker Tackles the Gays

If a straight person assumes all "gays" are promiscuous whores, is it offensive or our own doing? Well Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger is finally working her magic for a gay millionaire, but she expresses some concern that sex on the first date is inevitable when dealing with two gay men.

Check out the preview of the gay episode and let me know if you think her worry is warranted or a blatant stereotype. I'm thinking it's warranted and in good humor, so I take no offense, this is MANHUNT after all!

– Andy

12 thoughts on “Millonaire Matchmaker Tackles the Gays

  1. Probably warranted. Things tend to lead there for most of us, though certainly not all. But if the guy is serious about finding a real match, hopefully he will show some restraint and play by the rules. That IS supposedly why he hired her after all.

  2. What is the problem? If there is chemistry there, I’ve known more than one straight couple who started out by having sex on the first date–no one calls them “promiscuous whores” because it was ‘meaningful’ and straight. What is wrong with consenting single adults doing -whatever-, how ever and how often they want?
    The problem is the assumption that “saving it for marriage” is something that all people should do. Keep your pseudo-Christianity off my body.

  3. Men who are gay are not promiscuous because they are gay, it’s because they are MEN. It’s inherent with being male, it’s the way males are hard-wired (for the most, exceptions allowed). If ‘straight’ males could have sex in the same way, they would.

  4. Way to speak it Colin. i have always told my straight boys that if they had it as easy with women as we have it with each other they never have included gayness as sin because they would have been way to busy getting laid like we do. Now, not all us fags are promiscuous, just 99.9 percent. We always have hard ons and we need to spread our protein with new people. we like variety. I feel sorry for married men. Because variety costs them at least fifty percent alimony in court. Are we sure we want the same rights. LOL. The courts will be busier then ever. Love my Mo’s!

  5. JT: I am not saying, and neither is Patti, that people should be abstinent virgins until marriage. Anyone who reads my comments regularly knows I love sex.
    She is just saying, and she has a point, that when you are trying to establish a serious, long-term relationship, waiting to have sex until you are committed to being monogamous can be a big help. I have a lot of sexual and relationship experience under my belt, and while it is not ALWAYS crucial, waiting definitely can make a big positive difference.
    I am in a relationship right now that seems about to die an early death, and I do think that if we hadn’t had sex on the first date – which I probably would have worked harder to avoid if I’d known how much I was eventually going to like him – we would not be fighting about sex issues so much and we could have spent more time getting to know each other before making the commitment and having an even more special first time.

  6. Well, its true that it does happen alot and it is warranted. All there is in the couple is pure testoerone (i cant spell today) so it would just be like a nympho meeting up with a nympho straight or gay.
    As for straight people having sex on date uno I totally call them promiscuous frothy whores

  7. damnit andy, i’m tired of being canadian and your never giving me videos which i can watch because of clause 1 😛

  8. She’s right. And its accurate stereotypes like that that continue to lead to being called “the gays”.

  9. I’m actually glad my boyfriend and I waited until we both felt like there was something beyond the physical before we even saw each other nude. Probably helped that we still haven’t actually had sex to completion yet (I consider it accidental tantric sex, he considers it a wonderful bonding experience). Though I never expected to have this, we actually find that our fledgling relationship’s working better without a single orgasm thus far than anything we’ve previously had. Then again, I’m only 20 and this is the first relationship I’ve had that’s more than just sex with a best friend.

  10. As I said, waiting is can be good. Don’t wait so long that you psych yourself out, though, Alaras. As Patti’s friends say, it IS good and important to know you are sexually compatible when embarking on a long relationship with someone. Just doesn’t have to be QUITE so immediate as some people think.

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