Miley Cyrus Must Be Riding God’s Dick, ‘Cuz “23” Took Me To Heaven!

Miley Cyrus is on top of the world right now, and I don’t think anyone could doubt that she’ll quickly become the next great gay icon. Her record-breaking “Wrecking Ball” video slayed the internet and inspired hot guys to do things naked. People can’t stop talking about her! And her collaboration with the Holy Spearit is just going to be epic, flawless and EVERYTHING.

If you care about real music and love twerking like me, you should check out Miley’s new collabo with Mike WiLL Made It, Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa. The other guys don’t really do much for me, but Miley kills it by proving her versatility and showing that she’s a really fierce rapper.

Oh my gosh, and can we talk about her outfits!?!? I’m totally going to the club this weekend in a pair of booty shorts made from a Michael Jordan jersey, and I don’t give a fuck what anyone has to say about it! I’m a proud chub bottom, and they can go fuck themselves (or me!) if they don’t want to look at my fat ass hanging out in the back. It’s gonna be so hot! My hole is so turnt up just thinking about it.

Gay Duncan

Clutch your pearls and gain your composure before hitting play below:



7 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Must Be Riding God’s Dick, ‘Cuz “23” Took Me To Heaven!

  1. Just, no…It’s because of praise of stuff like this, that makes people say younger gays like us don’t appreciate good music. Just stop.

  2. i think she has a voice on ‘when i look at you’ and wrecking ball aint too bad but this and we cant stop are just absolutely horrible she is ‘trying’ so hard to be sexy, edgy in this vid it makes her look like a total try hard, if u watch katys roar vid, gagas latest or go back to classics from whitney,mariah etc these gals look sexy in their clips without hupping a bed etc……this is just so horrible!!!…..i do agree with kadaj3433, its things like this that make others believe the younger gays out their dont know good music!!!

  3. I don’t check in Manhunt Daily for a couple days and come and find this?! [sigh] This song would’ve been much better with Iggy Azalea instead of Miley.

  4. –lol–i completely misspelled that, didn’t i? No need for eyerolls, my friend…just keep in mind, we all make mistakes… just like your mama did when she left the abortion clinic without having the procedure–SORRY! My evil alter-ego possessed me for a brief moment..i’m sweet again 😉

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