Michael Lucas Vs. Brent Corrigan


The 2009 GayVN Awards took place this past weekend in San Francisco, and you may have heard that Raging Stallion's To The Last Man swept the ceremony with 13 honors. But despite their remarkable domination, everyone seems to be fixated on the antics of Michael Lucas

The porn director/actor stormed the stage to protest Brent Corrigan's win for Best Bottom, yelling "Shame on you! Shame on the judges who nominated and awarded Corrigan. On a night we honor ASACP there should be no forgiveness for the company’s and individuals who put the industry in danger by supporting this.”

What's Lucas mean about putting the industry in danger? Well, Corrigan admitted in 2005 that he used a fake ID to film several bareback scenes for Cobra Video while underage. This clearly led to some controversy…

But enough about that old scandal. According to Lucas, Brent's boyfriend wasn't too happy about the comments made on stage and subsequently threatened his life at an after-party. Lucas called the cops, and the boyfriend was arrested

Youch! This is one of the most exciting rivalries since Biggie vs. Tupac or Jolie vs. Aniston. I have my fingers crossed for each of the porn stars' diss tracks, but I'd settle for some Team Corrigan and Team Lucas t-shirts. Which team's shirt would you sport?

UPDATE: Brent has shared his side of the story on his blog.

– Dewitt

122 thoughts on “Michael Lucas Vs. Brent Corrigan

  1. I agree- use that aggression with an awesome scene. And I’m a HUGE Michael Lucas fan- he’ll know how to pound Brenty-boy into submission (while Brent’s cock will be rock hard!)

  2. they are just Fing tools tho. If i were Lucas id be worried about the Threat I mean look how the cobra guy ended up.

  3. This is sad. With the world in the state it’s in, you cover a fued at the GayVN Awards?
    No wonder people think so poorly of gays. Porn is great. Sex is fine, but if you want to be equal be able to get married stop homophobia, stop acting like a stereotype.
    Go do something constructive folks.

  4. I’m sorry, but nothing about Brent Corrigan is sexy. His films are bogus. I suppose I can see why some people like him, but to me, there is no passion in his films at all. He is always too aware of the camera. Half the fun of porn is watching the guy really enjoy it. It just seems like a job to him.

  5. the two of them should go on that reality show (I forgot the name) where the contestants have to go though an obstacle course with the mud pits and the big red rubber balls in a pool, with whoever gets to the finish line gets to fuck the loser….that would be interesting to see who is the better “man”.

  6. Funny no one has mentioned all those rumors about Michael Lucas barebacking….. check out the 10 minute mark (roughly) of this clip and you might notice he’s riding raw on Blu Kennedy’s sweet ass.
    two words: GLASS HOUSES

  7. You’re all missing the real question!!
    Is it just me or does Corrigan look like Zac Efron? In that hairstyle?

  8. OH. MY. GOD.
    The product placement with that 7Up bathing suite is as sleazy and classless as B.C. himself!
    OH. MY. GOD.

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