Memoirs Of A Drunk Angel

Mimi, Mariah Carey

Remember how the Palm Springs International Film Festival chose Mariah Carey for their Breakthrough Performance Award? Well, her acting work in Precious may have been pretty damn good, but she'll needs a lesson or two on acting sober. Her acceptance speech was a hot mess.

I'm glad she at least acknowledged her drunken state, because otherwise people might have blamed her incoherent slurring on something else. And we all know there's only room for one crackhead in the world of divas…

– Dewitt

To watch Mariah's acceptance speech, follow the JUMP:

19 thoughts on “Memoirs Of A Drunk Angel

  1. LOVE her!!! and how unbelievable is it that she is winning acting awards, a few yrs ago – even a few months ago people would have never believed it!!!

  2. She knew months ahead of time that she was being honored and then shows up drunk?
    She reminds me of school in summer: NO CLASS

  3. OH Good one Erik.. How long it take you to come up with that DUMBASS statement….
    Good for her! I was in hysterics laughing…I hope she drank some more in celebration of her award after this hahaha… She had fun!

  4. Did I ask for your opinion? ha
    But since you cared to share — here is mine in return:
    Heartbreaker = another no class hoodlum
    Drink and party it up after you get your award. Not before.
    This momentary respect will pass faster for her now. Back to GLITTER mode for her.

  5. all she did in precious was look awful..her acting was horrible…then she shows up drunk to get an award…what a low class piece of trash.

  6. She should have waited until after to start her celebration. It is kinda rude to accept an award in such shape.

  7. HILARIOUS! Glad these guys on MH are telling Mariah how to act classy…I’ll bet you she doesn’t go to the internet to hook up with random guys.

  8. all you white whores need to shut up and let it go. the film was flawless along with ALL the performances. let mariah have her moment no matter how she chooses to spend it

  9. Mariah Carey is an overrated singer with a fake, juvenile and off-putting personality, who is often driven by an unhealthy hunger for perceived mainstream success. She has very limited talent as an actress and was lucky to have a good role in “Precious”, which in all fairness is too light to warrant any serious award. (Brief-scene-earning-awards only works for established actors.)

  10. U heard me ” U R A TOTAL ASSHOLE why must U make race n Issue I think Mariah Carey is amazing artist but 2 show up at televised award show drunk ( or got drunk during the ceremony ) maybe acceptable 4 a low life piece of trash like yur self but not 4 a world class artist of Mariah Carey statue

  11. bitter bitches on here so what if she was drunk at least she showed up at all, and if I won a award the party starts when I get there, so get over you bitter party

  12. Dewitt, you’re absolutely terrible for that crackhead comment. Whitney has and always will have a special place in my heart ever since my mom left “I will always love you” on in my nursery. Besides have you seen her these days? She looks good!

  13. Lmfao @ Enrique’s comment.
    I don’t like ‘Mimi’ that much but there’s nothing wrong going on here, least it wasn’t as bad as fucking Kanye. What a dick, now Taylor Swift’s being shoved down our throats like she’s interesting or something.

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