Meet The Newest COLT Man, Bob Hager!

Bob Hager is the star of COLT‘s latest release BEAR. This mostly involves him running around in a jocktrap, burying his luscious beard into Aaron Cage‘s hairy muscle cheeks and then pounding the heck out of him. Essentially, it’s a fantasy-cum-true for anyone who lusts after burly lumberjack types. Also known as? ME.

To make matters even more exciting, Hager and Cage are joined in the film by fellow hirsute performers Marko Lebeau, Roman Wright, Josh West, Bronson Gates and Marc Vallint. We know, we know! Some of you don’t care when we list all these random names. All you need to know is that they’re all hot hairy fuckers, and you can see more of them over here.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: COLT Studio Group

To see more of Bob Hager and his scene partner, follow the JUMP:

His scene partner, Aaron Cage:

Click here or below for a free video preview:

Or watch the full scene NOW at COLT!

32 thoughts on “Meet The Newest COLT Man, Bob Hager!

  1. Are we supposed to be enthralled with this guy?  He looks about as tired and dated as they come.  What a truly awful and uninteresting look.

  2. F&N HOT!!! YES WOOF WOOF!! It is so great to finally see some ‘REAL’ Hairy, Mature Masculine looking men!!!! Thank you Manhunt!!!

  3. Are you fucking prissy queens for real?  This guy is fucking SMOKING hot! 

    I dare any of you whiny bitches to stand next to him in a crowded bar and see who gets all the action…

  4. If you don’t like something, why are you even looking at it and commenting on it???
    I hate cucumbers, but I never talk about them or talk about how much I hate them.
    I love dick, and I talk about how much I love it. Makes sense to me.

  5. I think the operative words in your statement were  “prissy queens”… Seems to describe a lot of the posters on this blog. “This isn’t perfect. That isn’t perfect…” Who the fuck cares what you think is perfect? If you don’t like it, MOVE THE HELL ON! Leaves more for those of us who do LOVE the pics!
    Yes, he’s totally hot!

  6. agree with that…i luv cock…suck it, drain it dry…lap that man hole, wet it up, fuck it hard…

  7. the bottom reminds me of the dumb brother on the TV show My Name Is Earl… and that is not good

  8. To each his own I say, if you don’t like the subject of the post, find one you do like and comment on it.  As for this guy, he’s hot, but not my type, but I can still appreciate his attractiveness to others.

  9. I am 50 and todays “men” in porn r nothing but twinks  or trailer trash. Now thats not to say that ur not entitled to ur opinions or preferences but its about time we got back to what real MEN (not boys) are!! And a real man that can take as good as he gives  BRAVO  for Colt staying true to form!!!!!  Jim Swinson

  10. I personally am not wild about facial hair (simply because it scratches me when being kissed or eaten) BUT that first picture after the jump…all bets are off!  Damn.

  11. Agreed. Why the hell do all of these guys come out of the woodwork being all negative all of the time? I personally think it’s jealousy and they have to make themselves feel better. It’s one thing to be insecure, but do you have to come on here and post negatively about everyone and wreck the boards? Just move the hell on if you don’t like what you see. NO ONE is forcing you to click on the “Read More” button!!!! We couldn’t care less what you think!!! No! Really! We couldn’t!

  12. I measure up just fine, actually. Porn stars are supposed to be attractive. He has abs. Big deal. His face? Nothing to look at. Porn stars are supposed to have big cocks. He’s smaller than average! Porn is about fantasy. He’s NOT up to COLT standards at all in my book. I like bears, but not Bob Hager.

  13. What you may consider nothing to look at, others may feel just the opposite. And I’ve seen a hell of a lot smaller dicks in porn.

    So… This guy IS attractive and has a nice dick. See? Different strokes for different folks. If you don’t like a guy, move on! Don’t get all Negative Nancy and ruin a nice thread for the rest of us who DO like him!

  14. I actually know “Bob Hager” personally. He’s from my area. If you think he’s hot in films, you should meet him in person. He also gives the best hugs ever!

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