Meet The Men of “The Other Side of Aspen VI”

We like to think of Falcon‘s The Other Side of Aspen series like a gay porn time capsule. Since the classic 1983 version, these films have rounded up the hottest adult performers from any given era and thrown them together in some mountaintop action. The men featured in this year’s sixth installment may not be legends just yet, but you’ll remember their names in the years to come.

And exactly what are their names? Well, we could tell you, or we could show you. And we’re guessing it’d be a lot more fun to show you! Click through to meet the new cast and watch the flick’s brand new trailer. Who’s your favorite in this line-up?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Falcon Studios

To check out the trailer and some hot pics, follow the JUMP:












38 thoughts on “Meet The Men of “The Other Side of Aspen VI”

  1. I can’t stand guys with these huge tattoos. One or two small ones aren’t bad, but the ones covering their shoulders and half of their torso are ridiculous.

  2. I’m a huge fan of this series (especially the orgy finales) and this 6th edition looks like it will keep the tradition alive and well.

    And is it just me, or holy fuck–are these still photos especially fantastic?! I can’t decide who to wank off to first: Brandon Bangs’ long cock or Cameron Adams’ smooth ass? Gavin Waters’ hairy balls or Heath Jordan’s hairy…everything!

  3. This looks like another winner for Falcon. WOW!! What a hunk-y cast. All are beautiful.

  4. Adam Killian, tonight, tomorrow and forever! What a fucking, and I mean fucking, hunk!!

  5. Not bad for a Falcon video; In-shape, Masculine guys with real body-hair (pubes). Might be worth seeing the whole thing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Hot men – If they’d just keep their tongues out of each other’s assholes I might otherwise get off on it.

  7. GOOD Tops know how to Rim ;-)~

    And, GOOD Bottoms know how to blow ;-0

    That’s essential/required foreplay for me ;-)lol

  8. FUCKING HOT !!!! Just love when the trailer is long enough 2 be a little FUCKING video

  9. Sorry … read the names wrong. Adam Killian is the one that looks like a mini Zeb Atlas. ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. Here’s next week’s top ten all in one place! (sorry, one will have to be eliminated though)

  11. I love the Aspen series and these guys are so lucky to get to be a part of that. Even though I’ve only met Tony Buff a couple of times and so don’t know him really beyond a casual “hello”, it’s good to see a Seattle boy making it big (and showing it)! That being said…HELLO BRANDON BANGS! What a dick! (I mean that in the good way too.) Good lord I just love big cocks.

  12. One must wonder just how many other sides of aspen are left. After 6 I feel like we’ve seen the whole damn mountain.

  13. Wowowowowowow- every single one of them is ridiculously hot. I’d kill to do any one of them… I think that’s some sort of record!

  14. I’m sorry, but Falcon has completely lost it. Compared to the stuff coming out of Europe, especially from Eurocreme and Staxus, where the models are younger, hotter, and sleazier – even in the safe sex films (Eurocreme does only safe sex) Falcon just gets more and more boring. Even compared to the other mainstream US companies like Raging Stallion (which Falcon is now under the same corporate ownership with) or Hot House, Falcon just seems adrift and rudderless making the most boring porn ever and not living up to their past. I remember how amazing Out of Aspen 3 was – with superstar Ken Ryker plus super sleazy sex! Who can forget the guy shooting apples out his ass and then being fucked with a fire extiguisher? I doubt Falcon will ever give us something that spectacular again.

  15. @ Shawn fucked with a fire extinguisher? shooting apples out of his ass? i think they realized that audience was quickly dwindling and had to target a different audience, i know that all my gay friends would turn the channel if they saw someone with apples in their ass or even thought someone was about to use a fire extinguisher, myself inluded

  16. Looks hot!! Couple of things I wish. I wish there were aleast 1 black person in it, and I wish that Adam Killian would have bottomed in this. I read bad reviews on it, but it looks like it could be good rental.

  17. Adam Killian has bottomed a ton in his career, it’s not like it’s a rare thing. And they don’t always reveal everything in the trailer, either. I wouldn’t doubt he takes it in the orgy.

  18. No market for serious hardcore? I don’t think so. That’s why Hot House, Raging Stallion and even Titan are pumping out the fetish and fisting titles. Not to mention all the gonzo style bb titles from Treasure Island and the like. Just did a quick check of the manhunt dvd shop and the other big new release they have there right beside Aspen VI is Wrecked from Raging Stallion.
    While I don’t doubt this stuff isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it is what the guys who actually buy porn dvds want to see. Falcon used to be the number one gay porn studio, and all the people who tried to run it after Chuck Holmes died have just run it into the ground.

  19. Tony Buff is a clown! Roman Heart needs to go away cuz he was the cause of the old Falcon Studios wreck! Boring!

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