Meet Colby’s Crew!

Hey fuckers! It was an honor and a privilege over the summer to be on set while Colby Jansen and crew shot some of the first scenes for Colby’s Crew. In-between all of the fucking and sucking, some of those sexy fuckers were nice enough to sit down with us and talk about life as a popular (or soon-to-be) porn model. Including Colby himself! Honestly, it was just an excuse for me to hang out with hot dick dealers and stare at them without fear of anyone calling the cops. But I needed a cover story, hence the silly questions. Due to my horny scheming, you might even learn something about one of your favorite performers! Big thanks to my porn god Colby Jansen, Marko “The Most Famous Man of Montreal” Lebeau, the barrel-chested sex guru known as Dirk Caber, and new (hot) guy Jackson Grant!

You can see more of these dudes over at Colby’s Crew!

p.s. Be sure to check out the teaser for the SMOKING hot Colby’s Crew scene, “Pleasing The Boss,” featuring Dirk and Jackson. It’s dirty handyman sex in the basement! Watch it at the very bottom of this post. Heh, I typed “bottom.” (You can watch the whole scene here.)

Michael Xavier

Manhunt Daily: Meet Colby’s Crew – Part One








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