Matured Muscle

Here’s a fun little game: Count how many times I say ‘Rikk’ in this blog. Can you tell I’m obsessed?

Rikk York just joined the gym for boxing lessons when Hunter Vance comes in asking questions about the class. Rikk talks with him while he puts his boxing glove on. Hunter sees extremely interested in Rikk more than the class. Rikk notices how he is hitting on him and they begin to kiss which leads Hunter dropping down to his knees so he can worship Rikk’s sexy dick. Hunter takes all that cock in his mouth while he fondles the balls as well.

Rikk doesn’t want him to have all the fun so he sucks on Hunter’s cock before he bends him over and rims that smooth ass. Rikk buries his face between those ass cheeks making them ready for his cock. Rikk eases his hard dick into Hunter and fucks him deeply thrusting his hips as hard as he can making Hunter squirm. Rikk puts Hunter on his back and with a few more hard thrusts Rikk pulls out and blows his load all over Hunter which makes Hunter shoot his creamy load.


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