Manhunt’s Gayest Weekend in Orlando Contest!

Anyone headed to Orlando for the big celebration next weekend? You know the one whose title we’re not allowed to use but it involves a cartoon mouse with big ears? How would you like VIP access to two of the hottest parties? Enter Manhunt’s Gayest Weekend in Orlando Contest! Head on over to our Facebook page, and click on the “Gayest Weekend Orlando Contest” tab in the sidebar to the left. Just fill out the VERY short form, hit submit, and you’re entered! Random winners will get VIP access to Riptide at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon or the Wonder World party at Universal Studios. We will announce the lucky winners on our Facebook page on Thursday, June 2. Enter now!

For you contest hopefuls with time constraints, here’s a link to the entry form.

11 thoughts on “Manhunt’s Gayest Weekend in Orlando Contest!

  1. God living in Malta sucks, our parties are small dingy things with bad music and worse people >_<

  2. Don’t worry Patty, this shit show is a pool of HIV with hideous people and even worse music. You are NOT missing anything, these fags are not a representation of our culture. Sex fueled drug crazed parties are not defining moments in ones life.

  3. Sounds like someone didn’t get invited to a sex-fueled, drug-crazed party at some point.  Lighten up b!tch.

  4. So what’s the big deal that you can’t say “Gay Days”? I would think that they would enjoy the free publicity. 

  5. I am not 100% fluente in legalese, but it sounded to me that u get tickets to the events and stuff, but there is no mention of flights being covered or hotels….. is that the case?

  6. It’s a shame that something that starting out being a political statement for our civil rights has degraded to nothing but yet another useless pointless circuit party.    It’s no wonder that we can’t get any rights in this country!!

  7. Gotta agree w/you Jesse – such a shame since THAT’S the only “real” exposure to gay people that so many small-minded, uneducated people have, especially here in the south. 

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