Hey Guys!

I’m back and I have some great news to share. MANHUNT has
officially released MANCAM™ , our new video chat feature. It’s currently in
beta as we work out some of the quirks – but so far it’s been running

I’ve taken a peek and tried it out for myself and I have to
say, I’m impressed!

Just like everything else on MANHUNT, it’s simple and easy
to use. Our video chat even lets you cam with multiple guys at the same time!
And even if you don’t have a webcam, you can still watch another guy’s cam – or
just send text IMs back and forth like usual.

Andy’s simple guide to MANCAM:

  1. Turn on the computer.
  2. Log on to MANHUNT (if you don’t have an account, sign up
  3. Find a guy and click the IM icon on his profile.
  4. Start chatting… you can turn your cam on and off with the
    A/V button.
  5. Find the next hot guy and take it from the top! MANCAM™
    is free during its pilot period. After that,   you’ll  still be able to receive
    chat invitations as a limited member – but only paid members will be able to
    send them, except for preview countries, where all members will be able to initiate a chat session.


2 thoughts on “MANHUNT Releases MANCAM™

  1. would be cool if you put ‘CAM’ as one of the availability options on the top left hand side, and with the most expensive internet in the world, should we not at least get free video camming in south africa? there are many free sites to do that, and if you charge you will just chase the camlovers elsewhere..

  2. id luv 2 try out the cam chat, but there’s no way of knowin who’s got a cam & who doesn’t…i REALLY hope ya’ll r gonna remedy that like, YESTERDAY ! thanx… :)-

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