Manhunt Party Pics: England & Australia

Check out some sweet pics from our Manhunt events in England and Australia! The first set is from a party we hosted at the Ku Bar in London’s Soho section. We celebrated the release of the DVD for Weekend, the gay relationship drama that you seriously have to see. Not kissing anyone’s ass here, it’s really good and actually shows realistic gay guys (although that’s a scary amount of cocaine). The other pics are from Victoria, Australia’s ChillOut Carnival Day! Enjoy!

– J. Harvey

To see the photos, Follow the JUMP:

Weekend DVD launch party @ Ku Bar, Soho, UK. Friday 23rd March.

ChillOut Carnival Day, Daylesford (Victoria, Australia) Sunday 11 March

6 thoughts on “Manhunt Party Pics: England & Australia

  1. I always wonder how these things work.

    It’s a close party right? You need invited right? You have to be a certain level of hotness to be admitted right?

    I’m desperate to go, if this isn’t obvious.

  2. does anyone else think that the guy with the tall spiked hair’s abs look REALLY weird? like to me, it looks like there’s a chunk missing. i’m not hating on him, i’m just legitimately confused.

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