Manhunt Men of The Week: A Friendly, Fuzzy NH Couple

This might be the first time we’ve ever interviewed a couple for our Manhunt Man of The Week series. Mike and Sean are a pair of cubs from New Hampshire who are genuinely looking to make some friends on Manhunt. That isn’t to say, however, that they’re opposed to potential benefits along the way. (Loose translation? They’ve been known to play well with others. Naked.)

Sean describes himself as a “major geek” in his profile. He’s into video games and live action role-play (LARP), and he’d be glad to show you his fancy Pokémon or hit you with a foam sword. Mike studied marine biology, and after we wrapped up the interview, he explained how that relates to his otherwise peculiar profile name “Fishcounter“. Also? He likes beards.

I had the pleasure of chatting with these two last weekend, bouncing around from topics that included hook-up stories, Game of Thrones, orgies and awkward segues about balls. When we were all done, I had that familiar “I don’t want to hang up” feeling. They were sweet, sexy and very easy to talk to, and if any of this piques your interest, I highly recommend sending one (or both) of them a message on Manhunt.

Sean can be found at King_of_Nothing, and as previously mentioned, Mike goes by Fishcounter.

– Dewitt

Find out what these two had to say (and see more pics) below:

Fishcounter and King_of_Nothing

I guess I should start with the obvious question, even if you answer it in your individual profiles. What brings you onto Manhunt as a couple?

Mike: We decided to join Manhunt as a couple to expand our social circle. We both had profiles before, and I know that I have used my profile to keep in touch/reconnect with some friends I made via Manhunt.

Sean: I’ve been on Manhunt for awhile now, mostly as a way to keep in touch with a few friends wh… Yeah, that. I know you’re probably going to love this, but Mike and I actually met/reconnected on Manhunt.

Oh? Tell me more!

Mike: We grew up in the same town, but weren’t really friends as children. Lost touch for several years, and then one summer met online, started chatting, met for coffee, spent a couple years building a strong friendship and the rest is another story

Sean: Mike failed to mention that I was his grade school bully. I appreciate his discretion, actually.


Mike: He never really scared me, which makes me believe why I was always at unusual ease with him.

Sean: I’d be hard pressed to remember the details of when I was ten, to be honest.


Fair enough! You mention that you’re primarily on here to stay in touch with friends and make new ones. “Friends” isn’t something most people usually associate with Manhunt. Have you had much luck on that front?

Sean: More than might be expected, actually. A lot of the men around here aren’t looking for much more than that. That said, we’re on here for frolick as well, and we certainly had a bit of success there as well.

As far as frolicking goes, what would you say has been your best experience so far?

Mike: Each guy is different. I have had some great times with some of the guys we’ve met… And we have had some experiences where we look at each other, laugh, and just accept that it happened.

Sean: I suppose my favorite so far was one of our more recent events.  A FwB [friend with benefits] of ours had been out of state for some time and had flown back up to the shire with a pretty severe case of blue balls. He and I took turns making Mike moan.

Mike: That was a good time, as far as understatements go.

I’m so tempted to pry for details.

Mike: Well, we both had the day off and Sean invited him over for some sword fighting… And by this, I mean we took large foam swords, decked out in cold weather gear, and went out in the snow and beat each other. Afterwards, we came back inside, started peeling off the layers, and the layers kept coming off.


Does the aggression of LARP-ing ever translate into a form of foreplay? And on that note, do you ever take the role-playing into the bedroom?

Mike: I am new to the LARP world, so it was less a form of foreplay for me and more of the build up of endorphins from the exercise. Much the same as when I go to the gym.

Sean: I’m not sure if it’s really any more lust-inducing than any other hyper masculine thing where you swing about phallic propaganda. It certainly gets the blood pumping though. And I don’t think we’ve really brought the role-play into the bedroom yet, but it’s not something I’m opposed to…

Mike: The closest to bedroom role-playing we have come to is when I was looking at Sean and told him he looked like Robb Stark from Game of Thrones.

Sean: I’m still not sure I see the resemblance, but it still didn’t stop me from stealing the opportunity to shout “Winter is coming!” with mock seriousness.

I’m still not over the red wedding, for the record… But I won’t go into that, because spoilers?

Mike: Neither am I.

Sean: I am forever scarred. Actually, the joy I receive when I get to watch the expressions of new people watching the episode or reading the chapter borders on the criminal.


I don’t think you’re alone on that! I’m always fascinated with the nomenclature of fandom. Do you prefer the term “nerd” or “geek”?

Sean: I suppose I have a slight preference for geek over nerd.

Mike: I actually refer to myself as both, but in different context. When I get excited over the fact that I got Dr Who Monopoly for Christmas, I am a nerd. When I am sitting in a tide pool listing off the names of the organisms which in habit it, I am a geek. (I have my degree in marine biology.)

Sean: Yeah, who am I kidding? I’m both.

Would you say intelligence a prerequisite to get into your pants? Or have you ever just fawned over a really hot, dumb guy?

Mike: Intelligence is a HUGE plus, much like a good beard… But there are always exceptions to the rule.

Sean: I have vocalized how attractive I find Jason Stackhouse on several different nights, but for the most part, smarts are definitely high on my list of priorities.


Now you’ve got me curious. If the two of you could have an over-the-top orgy with anyone – fictional or not – who would you invite?

Sean: Oh boy. Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Gerard Butler, Sean Astin… The list goes on.

Mike: I would add Ben Cohen to that list.

Sean: Fantasy aside, there’s also a cast of men with phenomenal beards. I’d do naughty things with Fili and Kili.

So beards and brains. What else do you look for in potential friends or friends with benefits?

Sean: I guess if you put it that way I’m kind of a shallow guy

Mike: Beards, brains, and a great sense of humor/laugh. I don’t ask for much.

Sean: I love a gaymer. If I can whip out my 3DS and show off my Shinys or play a match or two of League or something, I’m much more interested.


You’re speaking a foreign language to me now. I’m somewhat fluent in nerd, but less so in gaymer.

Mike: It’s alright. He got stuck with me, and half the time, I just stare blankly at him while he explains a game’s rules to me like I am a child.

Sean: I at least had you pegged for Pokémon.

Mike: To quote what I just said to him, “Give me a good book, they hurt more when you hit people with them.” Pokémon and Legend of Zelda are the games I liked prior to meeting Sean

Sean: I like to refer to those as gateway games.

I can get behind those. They’re relatively low stakes, compared to the fast-paced action stuff. Though, I’ll admit, I haven’t played Pokémon since there were only two or three versions.

Mike: I have only played the original blue, and now the new Y.

Sean: A friend of ours recently convinced first me, then Mike, to buy the latest edition of the game. The last time I played was when they were still using primary colors to name the games. It’s in 3D now, but it’s the same game.


Beautiful. I have to keep reminding myself this interviews supposed to be sexy. Not to say that Pokemon isn’t sexy. There are, at the very least, balls involved.

Sean: By all means, let’s talk more about balls.

You’re going to make me work for this segue, aren’t you?

Sean: I like to make a man work for it.

Okay, um, balls! I noticed both of you list yourselves as versatile bottoms in your profiles. How do you decide who gets to feel a nice pair of balls smacking against his taint?

Sean: Between the two of us, I take the top role more often than not.  I maybe may have put his tush out of commission last week, so the roles have temporarily been reversed. When we invite people over though, most recently, Mike has been getting a lot of paired attention from either end… But only because most of our more recent hookups have occured when I’m getting off a late shift, and he’s had the day off.

couple shot

That makes sense. Well, I don’t want to keep you for too long! To wrap it all up, is there anything else you two would like to share with thousands of random strangers reading Manhunt Daily?

Sean: Not a problem at all! Thanks so much for talking with us. Only shameless self promotion; Visit our Tumblr pages! Mine’s, the BF’s is

Mike: I don’t know what I want to say to the readers, but thanks to you and the Manhunt team for the membership and for reintroducing us. (Only feeling sappy because Valentine’s Day was the other day.)



12 thoughts on “Manhunt Men of The Week: A Friendly, Fuzzy NH Couple

  1. If he was more buffed up in the muscle department, I could totally see the Rob Stark resemblance with Sean. He has the right face shape, lips, etc.

  2. A cub couple that is “nerdy” and is open? How original. Fuck the zombies, I’m preparing for the basic bitch apocalypse.

  3. Every time someone says “talk nerdy to me”, I hear the horns from the chorus of Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty” and kind of hate my brain for doing that to me.

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