Manhunt Man Of The Week: stallion1234

Giddy up! SOOOO cute! Wait til’ you see the rest of his pics. This is stallion1234, a Manhunt member in proud standing and owner of probably one of the nicest butts I’ve seen on the site. And I am one of Manhunt’s bloggers, so you know I have seen all the ass there is around here. stallion1234 is a sexy jock and we’re happy to have him!

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– J. Harvey

Manhunt profile name: stallion1234
Age: 23
Location: California

1) What was the hottest Manhunt hookup you’ve experienced so far? Who was it with, where did it take place, and why was it hot?

The hottest hookup I’ve had through Manhunt included a pool side at night, the kitchen counter, the shower, and of course the bed. One message from an incredible sexy man with a phone number started it off which lead to him coming over to my place, during the night, in a tank top and swim suit. The swim suit didn’t stay on all that long because swimming naked is the way to go! 4 hours later, after we made our way throughout the house, we ended sweaty, breathless, and naked on the bathroom rug. Hot and intense!

2) What’s your favorite part on a guy and why?

Its hard to pick a favorite part when there’s so many areas of a man to be admired. Juicy lips drive me crazy! Followed by a hot bubble booty, which is a close runner up.

3) Name the top three sexiest men in the world, with #1 being the hottest. Why do you find them sexy?

1. Colin Farrell – I’ve always had a thing for him. His voice, his masculinity, and his ass. Needless to say i did a lot of rewind and pause while watching Alexander.
2. Ryan Kwanten – I never really saw much of him until I started watching True Blood. Now I’m a huge fan! I obviously have a thing for men with accents and his makes me want to scream! To me he’s the complete package. Young, muscular, hot ass, and the accent. I love to love him.
3. Sam Worthington – His beautiful face and sexy voice get me every time.

4) What’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex? Tell us about the encounter.

I don’t think I’ve been as adventurous as some others in this department. I would have to the most unusual place I’ve had sex is in a tanning bed at a local tanning salon. I went tanning with a guy I was dating at the time and obviously we went to our own tanning rooms. I sent him a text telling him to sneak into my room before the tanning timer went off and he did. Nothing like the healing power of a 10 minute quickie. What can I say? Tanning makes me horny!

5) Does size matter? Why do you feel that way?

I’ve encounter a few guys that had big hands, big feet, and ended up being a BIG disappointment. I’d like to say it doesn’t matter but in all reality if he drops his pants and his package is somewhat minuscule I get completely turned off. I can’t help my body’s natural reaction!

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22 thoughts on “Manhunt Man Of The Week: stallion1234

  1. Y’all are picking some good ones for the revamped Man of the Week … very handsome and adventurous ūüôā

  2. he has a nice smile..and cute. From California and he is 6′ 3 so he has it going on at a young age!! I am sure he gets plenty of attention and offers!

  3.  I guess the fine people of LA can tell you that, as to whether they ever met (or sexed), Mr.  Stallion1234, right?

  4. His favorite sexy men are the same as mine.  I did not know Sam Worthington was gay.  What a nice surprise.  Totally HOT MOW!!  Enjoy this section every week.   Scott

  5. Yeah, it’s strange that all of his pics of him with his face included look nothing like the pics of him neck down… like his shirtless pic wearing shorts he is nowhere near as built as he is in the naked pics.¬†

  6. I so agree.¬† Why, if all these absolutely perfect guys, with the incredibly hot faces, sculpted bodies with 2% fat (and “manscaped,” of course), schlongs as long as the Golden Gate Bridge, and under 25 (the “middle-age” according to gay “standards”), are they posting on websites like manhunt to get sex?¬† All they have to do (especially if they live in California) is walk out the door and be mobbed.¬† If, with all that “they have going for them” in the shallow gay world, they can’t get what they want just be walking down the street, I’m highly suspicious of what’s wrong with them.

  7. umm don’t know where you got that idea from the interview, but Worthington isn’t . . . .¬†

  8. I’m curious.¬† Does manhuntdaily post every “application” for “man of the week?”¬† Have any who are normal, like guys in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or even older, who have bellies that hang over their belt region, have more hair in their ears than on their heads, applied and then been turned down?¬† What about the guys who are lonely because they aren’t gods, and don’t have “the most unusual places to have sex” to fill in?

  9. Does manhunt verify these members in any way? ¬†This doesn’t look like a real profile to me

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