Manhunt Man of the Week: Reyisking

Rey is the kind of New Yorker you’ll either love or hate. This well-spoken, fast-talking professional moved from a career behind the scenes in television to work on Wall Street, but still finds plenty of time to work out and, if the mood strikes, to dominate men and power fuck them with his ten and a half inch dick. And now he’s looking for love! We spoke the other day.


See more pics and find out what Rey had to say below:


Hi Rey! What are you up to?

I’m doing a staycation right now. All I’m doing is running errands. My birthday is right after Valentine’s Day, though, and I’m taking myself to Las Vegas to see Britney Spears as a whole “I Love You” card to myself. Alone! Although I haven’t heard very good things about Vegas, as far as it being gay-friendly.

I don’t think Las Vegas is exactly unfriendly to gays… Although it’s the definitely the place for straight people to go.

It’s like a lot of pockets of New York. Why go to that expense and not feel special? I think Britney’s going to be boosting gay tourism for certain. I’m outing myself here as a Britney fan. I’m okay with that. She’s in my age group, and she kind of resonates with my generation. The last album was shit, though. Like, really really bad. But you’re compelled to listen to it, and then you love it. It’s crap, I know that. But at least it keeps me going at the gym.


I’m guessing from your photos that you spend quite a bit of time at the gym…

My Christmas present to myself was fitness boot camp. I’m trying to get to 180 lbs by my birthday. I put on 12 lbs of muscle in one month. Yeah! Those are my priorities. I know I sound really stereotypical.

When I was younger, I was skinny, picked on, awkward, total nerd face. With acne, the whole nine yards. And I had scoliosis, and I had to wear a brace. When the brace came off, I ran track for Syracuse, and I got really into it. I’m going to be in my late thirties soon, and I want a new me, bodywise. That, and I like the challenge. I work out every day, sometimes twice a day. I’ve taken sword fighting classes, climbing, I’ve been doing jiu jitsu for a year and a half. So I want to get to 180, maintain it, make it hot, make it sexy. I worry about losing the abs, but I think I have a good routine.

How long have you been using Manhunt?

For the past three years, off and on. When I date someone, of course I get off. I’m fully aware that you can use apps for whatever purpose you want it to be, and people have gotten in touch with me for various things like nude modeling. I’ve done more than my share of nude modeling. Old gay friends have also reconnected with me that way. But I know it can be awkward for anyone that I date, so I know it makes them more comfortable when I deactivate my profile.


Nude modeling! Tell me more.

I’ve modeled for photographers, for web zines. I was actually in a documentary called Dick Dock, and actually, the filmmaker found me through Manhunt. He profiled me and 100 other guys about their penis size. Not just extra large guys, all different sizes. I did a web zine for some guy that I also met here. These aren’t full-time pursuits, I just enjoy it. And it’s not porn. Not that there’s anything wrong with porn, I’ve done my fair share of amateur porn.

Do you get many porn offers?

Oh yeah, all the time. And I have friends in real life who are in the porn industry, and they’ve made interesting offers. I wouldn’t call them lucrative offers. I know about intellectual property, and that your value isn’t equal to what you’re paying you. But it’s catering to your narcissistic side. I can appreciate that, but I don’t want my life legacy to be that I can suck my own dick…


Judging from your profile it seems like you really like all different kinds of sex. Is that true?

I like anything that makes sense. I don’t party. I’m so not about that life. There’s my slightly nymphomaniac side, but I’m careful as far as using condoms, and I don’t use crystal. It’s gay crack. Why try to wipe out a whole minority population?

Actually, as I get older, I can’t have just a random hookup anymore. Unless it’s at the gym. That’s what the gym is for. I like to be entertained, and to entertain. When I’m hooking up, I tend to be a top, a little bit on the sadistic side. I like role play. Love it, actually. And I’m a sucker for a guy with a thick ass. I think my record for ass eating is about forty-five minutes. And I can power fuck for… Well, I had sex with this guy two weeks ago, and we did it for three hours straight. And I will make guys do things, and crawl, and put them in panties, and feminize them a bit, and it’s like this whole ownership thing. But I can only do that with a stranger, I can’t do that with someone I know.

That makes sense.

I was in a relationship with someone for nine years, and I didn’t feel comfortable fucking him. I’m ten and a half inches, and I didn’t feel comfortable fucking him. When I was younger, I fucked a guy who told me that I hit a lower internal organ, and it freaked me the fuck out.


I’m guessing being that hung presents challenges.

All the time. There’s a lot of problems. It’s too big for a lot of people to handle. People still want to have sex with me, but it’s all one-way. And some guys will hit on me, but only because they want a freak show. They kind of regard me as a circus act. I got asked if I could suck my own dick so many times that I actually tried it. (That was one of the best suggestions in the suggestion box, though.) It’s a part of me, I love it, but there’s definitely problems that come with the territory. Like teeth. People think they’re conquering Mount Everest or something by sucking my dick, and then they act like it’s a chew toy.

Sex aside, what are you looking for?

A good guy. I don’t date guys who are supermodels necessarily. I have in the past, but they tend to be vapid and silly. Lord knows I’m not perfect, but I want a nice, sexy, smart guy. You don’t have to have an 8-pack, but it’s nice to cuddle with someone who doesn’t have a belly. The guys I prefer to date are sweet and smart, and ambitious. And not just professionally. They want more out of life. I’m looking for a guy who’s kind of a nerd, but also, who works out. A Renaissance man.



9 thoughts on “Manhunt Man of the Week: Reyisking

  1. His dick may be soft but he’s still holding the tape too high. The base of the shaft appears to start at about the 1.5 inch mark.

  2. He seems like a great guy but when guys say stuff like “it’s nice to cuddle with someone who doesn’t have a belly”, they come off a little bit like assholes IMO. A little belly never hurt nobody, but usually I’m more into faces than bodies anyway. Also, Britney is so not worth going to Vegas for, he’d probably like Zumanity better.

  3. It’s the typical gay measurement, start the measuring tape 1/2 way to your navel, or on the underside start measuring from your hole, lol . . .

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