Manhunt Man of The Week: NYCFtballJock, A Texas Newcomer Looking For A Hung Top

This week’s Manhunt Man of the Week is a recent transplant to the Lone Star State by way of NYC. And if you’re curious as to what he’s looking for, he lays it out pretty clearly in his profile. He likes big dicks and he cannot lie… You fellas out there wanna try?


Read on and find out more about this Houston hottie:


Hey handsome! How’s Houston treating you?

Hi Manhunt! Houston has been incredibly amazing, and I’m so excited to start a new chapter of my life here! I’ve always considered Houston to be the “New York City” of the South because of the metropolitan/contemporary energy that different parts of the city offer up! Now the MEN of Houston?! We’ll just have to see, since I’ve just moved here. But I do hear that things are always BIG in Texas, so I’m definitely looking forward to finding out if that’s true or not!

And here I thought Atlanta had the title “New York City of the South”. Is everything truly bigger in Texas?

Ahhh, well no disrespect to the folks out in the ATL, but economists say the state of Texas’ economy is larger than the states of Georgia, North Carolina, and Michigan COMBINED! New York and Texas are the only two states in the country that have fully recovered from the recession of 2009. So you tell me — who’s truly bigger?

Tell us some more about yourself. You wouldn’t happen to be a DJ, would you?

I DJ every now and then because I love music and listen to a ton of genres. The headphones I’m holding in the photo mostly represent my radio career. I enjoy lots of sports. I played football growing up and I also played rugby when I lived in NYC, so getting in shape, training at the gym, and even learning a few mixed martial arts techniques all help me relax and relieve stress. Plus, staying active almost always allows for a rounder, bubblier butt! A win-win situation.

Why did you decide to move from NYC to Houston?

I decided to move to Houston because I was offered an opportunity here I just couldn’t refuse. Plus, I attended undergraduate school here and I also have family nearby, so it ended up being a win-win situation. And if I meet an incredibly amazing top guy who has a really big cock that wants to have two mixed babies that’ll be able to play out in a yard, then I’d probably just pass out and thank my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!


Have you met many amazing top guys on Manhunt in Houston so far? A hot guy like you has got to have an inbox full of messages.

Cue the crickets.

I think most bottoms want me to be a top — at least that what most of my responses were like in New York. To be quite honest, I think the tops in NYC were bottoms! I haven’t been here in Houston long enough to meet anyone just yet, but I’ve seen a few Manhunt photos of Houston tops and many of them actually look pretty hot, so I guess we’ll see! I hope the top takes charge and hits me up first because I’m a bit of a shy guy!

You hear that, boys? You’ve got to take this bull by the horns! What’s been your hottest Manhunt hookup?

I’d have to say my hottest Manhunt hookup ever was with my former boyfriend who still remains my very best friend! I’ve only had one long-term relationship, and I met him here on Manhunt. So you see, you never really know who you’ll meet on this site. Just when people think certain sites and sexual apps are meant to be just “hookup” sites and apps, they could also serve as hardcore, sluttier versions of eHarmony!

I think if guys remained open enough — no pun intended — to not be so quick to label or judge certain digital spaces as “hookup” areas, then who knows? That particular experience (and/or that particular man) could be very memorable! At the end of the day, I think whatever or however a guy sees this site work for him, is exactly the kind of men (or energy) the site will bring to him.


And what kind of guys get your attention? Based on what you’ve described, it looks like big-dicked tops are at the front of the line.

Yes, big-dicked tops are at the front, but tops that are big dicks should stay away! Sure, confidence is important, but just be honest! Don’t just say stupid crap just to get some action! Sex feels great, but imagine how much better it’d feel to be with a man who’s supportive and the both of you are devoted to each other in and out of bed! Meeting a big-dicked man like that would be pretty incredible!



17 thoughts on “Manhunt Man of The Week: NYCFtballJock, A Texas Newcomer Looking For A Hung Top

  1. In Houston…check, big dick…check, top…damn I’m versatile! I’d top that sexy ass man everyday though.

  2. *vomits* he is handsome,but he talked about mixed babies (only goes with men outside his race),size queen and is an arrogant prick.

  3. Well his profile says he’s mixed, so anyone he’d have babies with (presuming he has a uterus) would be mixed.

  4. Spencer87, I agree. His comment about mixed babies is a turn off to me because this let’s me know he’s not into black men and he’s a ‘SNOW’ queen and a size queen.

  5. Yet right, he’s about as mixed as I am and both my parents are black. I’m so sick of some blacks dening the fact that they are black and want to be mixed with something. Dr. Gates did a program on PBS about blacks saying they were mixed with native American. Once the DNA test came back, they didn’t have any native American ancestry. LOL
    I hear some blacks say, they are mixed with Puerto Rican or Dominican and it turns out neither of their parents are of these backgrounds.

  6. “Yet right, he’s about as mixed as I am and both my parents are black. I’m so sick of some blacks dening the fact that they are black and want to be mixed with something.”

    I’m confused as to what makes you think that’s what’s happening here? Do you know him personally? Have you examined his DNA? If he’s faking being mixed, that’s one thing, but there’s nothing in the interview that states his race besides what’s on his profile.

    It sounds like you want him to be Black just based on how he looks.

  7. God everything you said is so true. I don’t a problem with people wanting to date outside their race but why do SOME blacks feel the need to minimize their own black roots. It’s ok to be JUST black.

  8. You’re in Houston? well no wonder you look familiar, I think I’ve seen you on Scruff and/or Grindr! 🙂

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