Manhunt Man of The Week: Musclejock1983 Gives You A Taste of Toronto

“Attraction is a strange and unexplainable thing sometimes.” That comes directly from our latest Manhunt Man of the Week, musclejock1983. This self-proclaimed guy next door loves music, good conversation and working on his fitness.

And mirror selfies! But who doesn’t have at least one of these in their Manhunt photo library, right? Hell, if you had a body like his, wouldn’t you want to show it off? He’s also multilingual, so he can talk you out of your clothes in a number of different tongues. (Take that as you will.)


Scroll down below to learn more about what makes this Toronto top tick:

musclejock1983 (14)

Hey Garb! Thanks for talking with us! What’s going on in your world?

Hey Karsh! Right now, I’m just trying to enjoy the summer before the weather cools down and days get shorter. Toronto has been blessed with some great, sunny weather as of late, and I’m making sure I’m soaking it all in. Whether it’s going to the beach, going for a run or enjoying some patio time with friends, I like to be outside. At the end of the summer, I always end up with a killer tank top tan that lasts a couple of months into the fall.

Aside from fun in the sun, my job keeps me pretty busy. Whatever time I have left over in my day goes towards hitting the gym, writing, playing with GarageBand on my iPad and watching 30 Rock while stuffing my face with food. I’m also looking into taking some language/translation courses. I’m a language nerd.

Of course, I still have time to hop onto Manhunt and browse around to look for interesting folk. It would be nice to have a special guy in my life or at least meet a new friend.

Wow — it definitely sounds like you keep busy! What languages do you speak?

Yes, I like to keep busy and productive. As much as I like to lounge in my PJs and watch TV with a bowl of cereal every now and then, I enjoy making the most out of my day. ‘Carpe diem’ is what I always think when I wake up, and I strive to live by that every day.

I speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin and French. I find it fascinating how there are so many different ways to communicate on this planet, yet every language has its own unique qualities and intricacies. Being multilingual also opens you up to meeting more people from around the world. In my experience traveling abroad, I believe that local people in any country will be more receptive to you if you try to speak their language.

I remember traveling to Rome as an exchange student in university and using a phrasebook to say Italian words. Just individual words. As much as it confused the heck out of the local folk, I was often met with smiles of approval. Whether or not they understood me was a different story.

musclejock1983 (4)

C’est formidable! If Manhunt had a phrasebook, what jargon do you think it would include?

Très bien, Karsh! Haha, what a great question! If I had to publish a French-English Manhunt phrasebook, I would include “You’re f-in’ hot”, “Nice profile/pics”, and “Wanna hang out?” Of course there are other phrases I would pick, but they’re probably not too suitable for the interview. I try to be a classy broad. Manhunt should consider investing in such phrasebooks. Business opportunity! Ching ching!

From your lips to Manhunt’s CEO’s ears! How has your Manhunt experience been? Any hot stories you care to share with us?

My Manhunt experience has been quite pleasant. I’ve had the opportunity to chat with a handful of handsome gentlemen from Toronto. Some have just been chat buddies, some have been hookups, and a small handful have become regular playmates. What surprised me was that after chatting with some guys, they would show interest in going on a date or grabbing a coffee.

Wow, guys on Manhunt actually wanted to get together outside of the bedroom? Mind blown. I will admit I was very much using this site for fun and had presumed that this was what other guys using Manhunt would be seeking. I was proven wrong. Not everyone here bites, but some of them do, and I like it!

The hottest encounter I’ve had was with an older gentleman who was just tall, handsome and just made of muscle (I love older muscled guys… they are my weakness!) His profile read ‘Top/Versatile’, and I had presumed that he was more top than bottom. Despite that, I took a breath and proceeded to write him a quick hello message anyway, with my signature politeness. I was also concerned I wouldn’t be his type. (I can be a bit self-conscious of my appeal to other guys.) Within minutes, he wrote back and suggested that we meet up.

The moment I walked into his hotel lobby, I was smitten. He was even hotter in person. He smiled, greeted me with a firm handshake and and introduced himself. A complete gentleman. As soon as we got to his place, however, he became an animal, and we just went at it. I loved the way he kissed and before you know it, we were in his bed. Hours later, we were both drained, in more ways than one, and really just a big mess. What a fun night! And he’s a sweetheart, which makes him much sexier.

I actually met up with him earlier this evening and had a blast! Literally! A few blasts. 😉

musclejock1983 (10)

Damn, that sounds pretty hot! You mentioned that you can be self-conscious of your appeal to other guys. In what ways?

Actually, I just had another really hot experience with an out-of-town muscle suit guy at his hotel a few nights ago. I stayed over and we went at it five times through the night. I was exhausted for work the next day, but man what an amazing time! Anyhow, I digress…

Growing up, I was a bit of an unusual kid who wasn’t really good at sports or very chatty. I was also rather lanky and nerdy. Kids can be cruel and I was made fun of for my skinniness, my inability to play sports, and my inclination for fantasy card games (I can’t believe I’m admitting this to everyone on Manhunt!)

Although I’m an adult and am comfortable into my own skin at 30 years old, there will always be a part of me that is still self-conscious and unsure of how people see me. I certainly didn’t feel very attractive as a young lad, that’s for sure.

Hey, don’t knock the fantasy card games! I heard Magic: The Gathering players are some stone-cold freaks! What’s the Toronto gay scene like? All we really see of it here in the states is from 1 Girl 5 Gays.

Magic: The Gathering is what I played! I still have my cards at my folks’ place. Well, I’d like to think I’m pretty freaky, so maybe there is some truth to what you’re saying. Haha, I’m stroking my own ego. Wow.

To be honest, I haven’t been in the gay scene for very long. It’s been about a year since I joined a local gay dodgeball league my friend was part of. That’s when I really started to meet other gay guys in Toronto — through dodgeball.

I find it hard to meet guys who actually want to date in Toronto, but there certainly is no shortage of fun in the city. On the bright side, the city is very multicultural which makes it easy to meet and date guys from all backgrounds, which I really enjoy. Furthermore, I have managed to meet a handful of guys online who have become friends of mine. Dating may be hard to do here, but I have a good group of platonic buddies, and I’m glad I have that.

1 Girl, 5 Gays… I haven’t watched a single episode of that show. What kind of picture does the show paint about Toronto’s gay community?

Hmm… Well, I wouldn’t say negative. The guys they have are usually in their 20s, pretty socially active and generally all fairly attractive. And lots of mentions of Church Street.

So like much of the media, this show does not capture even a fraction of the true Toronto gay scene. I think it’s important to point out that gay men in Toronto don’t always hang around Church Street. It’s a place I go to (especially during dodgeball season because we drink there) but not often.

Frankly, I’d rather meet my gay buds out at a bar in other parts of the city. There are times for Church, and for all other times, there’s the rest of the city. There are actually many gay men I personally know who dislike the Gay Village and avoid it for the most part. I sit somewhere in the middle – I go there every now and then, but there are many other great parts of Toronto.

Now, as for the ‘generally all fairly attractive’ part, you’re absolutely spot on with that! I’m just teasing.

musclejock1983 (12)

So let’s say I had a week to spend in Toronto. What are some places that you would recommend checking out to get a true taste of the city?

One aspect of Toronto that makes it truly a unique city lies in its multicultural diversity. You can have lunch in Little Italy, then walk for 15 minutes and end up in Little Portugal. I’ve lived in this city going on 27 years and still have yet to see all that the city has to offer.

Having said that, I would recommend hitting up a few great spots that we Torontonians like to frequent. One of your stops would have to be Kensington Market. It is full of small coffee shops and restaurants. There are many second hand vintage stores where you can pick up some pretty cool pieces for all of you sharply dressed Manhunt men. There’s even a tiny hidden speakeasy in the back of a ghetto mall that serves drinks and Chinese dim sum. It’s an eclectic neighbourhood. Kensington is also right next to Chinatown, for those who like Chinese food. Cheap and cheerful!

Okay, I don’t want to make this sound like #TourismToronto promo, so I’ll keep these two brief. Trinity Bellwoods Park is a large green space in the west end of downtown Toronto where you can have a picnic, walk your dog or enjoy the music and art festivals that take place there every weekend.

During the summer, I’d check out Toronto Island, which is a small island just off the coast with wonderful biking/walking trails and several beaches (one of which is clothing optional). There so much more, but I’ll leave it at those three.

Very nice! Toronto sounds like a lot of fun, and it sounds like you make the most of the city. Any parting words of wisdom for our audience?

I would say that the Manhunt experience is really what you make of it. If you want to meet friends for chat, I think that is very much possible. If you are just looking for a hot lay and nothing more than that, you can also find that here. It may be labelled as a ‘hook-up site’, but it doesn’t mean you can’t come here looking for Mr. Right or a platonic buddy. There’s gotta be someone else on Manhunt that is looking for the same thing as you.

So, happy chatting, don’t take things too seriously, and please be safe. Oh, and if you see me online, feel free to say hello! I love meeting new people. Thanks for the interview, Karsh!



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