Manhunt Man of The Week: JustBme78 Has Personality (And A 10 Inch Dick, Too)

One thing I appreciate about JustBme78 is that he’s all about his business. That’s not only reflected on his profile, but in the work that he does as a go-go dancer and within the adult entertainment industry. For him, it’s all about the vibe, so if this traveling man is in your city, then drop him a line. Don’t be shy — say hello!


Learn more about what JustBme78’s looking for and what turns him on in our interview:

JustBme78 (7)

Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to talk with us! Tell our audience out there more about yourself. What are you up to these days?

I was born and raised in a little city call High Point, NC. I’m a laid back kind of guy — mostly a homebody — but when I want to go out, there’s the crazy fun side of me that is the life of the party.

I’ve lived in LA for over 10 years now, but lately, I’m rarely home because of work. I travel a lot working for promoters for events. Sometimes, I’m even hired to be the entertainment on the box (which I love to do). So I’ve been traveling to major cities, and I’ve been to Europe and Canada to work. I’ve also started slowly doing adult videos. So far, it’s been fun doing it all.

It definitely sounds like you’re keeping busy. Is it a big shift going from from promotions to porn?

LOL — well, no not really. I help promote parties, so I’m not promoting myself. I mean, it’s not like I don’t have sex anyway — now it’s just in front of a camera.


Are some of your scenes already out? I’d imagine you would have a pretty big fan base if you continue.

My first two videos are out. I filmed while I was in Europe, and it was SO much fun filming with the sexy guys. I already had a following from go-go dancing and have started doing live shows for a couple of events. And yes, guys do hit me up more since the videos have come out.

You’re well on your way to being a star! Who did you film with, and why did you decide to start in Europe as opposed to here in the States?

I don’t care about “stardom”; it just helps with other things I do on the side and with the dancing and hosting events. It’s hard enough for a man of color to get into the mainstream gay porn world, so that’s one of the reasons I’m being picky with what companies I will try and work with.

I was already in Europe working when I contacted Tim Tales. I love their videos, because they have a variety of different guys. I felt it would be the right fit for me to work with them, and I was correct.

Ray Diesel gets blown by Pedro Diaz on gay porn site Tim Tales.

Ray Diesel! Well, I have to say you do great work, sir. And you’re right about men of color in the mainstream gay porn world. But let’s talk about life outside of that. What’s your Manhunt experience been like so far?

Manhunt has been good, depending on location. Every city and state is different. I do get hit up a lot from guys in different countries. I have no problems with that; I love meeting guys all over the world, because you never know who you may or may not meet at some point.

I rarely meet assholes and only had to block a few men that just couldn’t take that I was not interested. It’s weird how some guys hit me up. I feel men are getting even lazier when it comes to connecting with each other. Now I get men who just unlock pics (with no hello or other greeting). They feel that if you’re interested, then you will saying something. No, no, no… That doesn’t work for me. Be a man and speak up.

I know most guys probably use Manhunt just for hookups, but I’m old school I guess. I’m about clicking and seeing where things may go (even if it just ends up as a hookup).

Any good experiences in general with Manhunt that you’d like to share?

One good experience I’ve had is when I met my first Canadian husband (just a nickname).  He was coming to visit LA and contacted me. We chatted some before his trip, and when he arrived, we hung out the whole weekend. I must say it was some of the best sex I’ve ever had, but it was much more than just that. Usually, those are the kinds of experiences that I have on Manhunt.


On your profile, you mentioned that hellos go a long way with you. What else really turns you on with a guy?

I do like it when a sexy guy speaks then just unlocks their pics, but what really turns me on is a great personality. That’s something a lot of guys are missing. They are so focused on looks and having a good body, but lack having a personality. I love a silly guy who can take a joke and not be so serious about everything. I also love a man who knows how to kiss. It’s hard to find real and passionate guys.

Very true — passion is important and definitely needed for strong chemistry. But just to wrap things up, is there anything you’d like to say to our audience out there?

We are grown men and we should be able to take rejection. Not everyone is going to want you and not everyone is going to respond to you, so just move on and find a guy who will. Don’t attack someone who won’t respond.

Also, stop relying on your body to start a conversation by unlocking your pictures and not saying anything. I would rather meet someone who has something to say than someone who just unlocks and waits for me to say something. Happy Hunting to all the men out there.

Watch Ray in action on Tim Tales, or say “hello” to him on Manhunt!



5 thoughts on “Manhunt Man of The Week: JustBme78 Has Personality (And A 10 Inch Dick, Too)

  1. This man sounds like a total sweetheart. Good personality, reasonable expectations from the site, an interesting choice of careers… Also looks good naked, and doesn’t mince words.

  2. He sounds pretty well-mannered…or he did until the “move on if he doesn’t respond” part. Even when I’m not interested, I at least have the courtesy to say so. Not taking ten seconds to type “Sorry, I’m not interested, but good luck” when a guy asks about sex, it just shows a lack of class to me. I’ve had some amazing conversations with guys I wasn’t physically interested in.

    He likes guys who have a personality, but hates it if guys just unlock their pictures without talking. Yet he won’t talk to someone if he doesn’t like the way they look (i.e. he’s not attracted to them), but some of those guys might have GREAT personalities even if they’re not totally bangin’. Sounds like one of those “I’ll message you if I think you have a chance to sleep with me, otherwise, don’t bother, I won’t respond” kind of guys. Shame…he’s cute.

  3. I love EVERYTHING that you shared/statement as he comments reek of hypocrisy…I know that gay men’s IQ and compassion drop sharply when they are looking to get their dick’s off…only the BEST and only what “I” deem is appropriate and HOT can and will pass thru my view…all this talk about being open and wanting “more” in a person is NOTHING compared to the conquest of bedding someone “HOT”…hence why so many gay men are still single…I call it, “waiting for someone else to come along with my dick hanging out or my ass in the air.”….

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