Manhunt Man of The Week: InOtherRooms, A New Yorker Whose Best Times Are Spent Naked

I was trying really hard not to flirt my ass off when interviewing this week’s Manhunt Man of the Week. But hey — I’m a sucker for a witty personality. InOtherRooms is more than just a wise guy, and his sex appeal and easy-going nature really comes through. Find out more about this hottie in this week’s interview!


Read what InOtherRooms had to say (and see more pics) below:


Thanks for the interview! Tell us what’s going on in your world.

I’ve lived in New York for more or less ten years now, with a couple of years in Boston. I moved here from a small city, and New York, like the best dates, has proven to be endlessly fascinating. I expect this to be a very long-term relationship.

How very Carrie Bradshaw! Hopefully you’ve found a Mr. Big or two on Manhunt

I was thinking more E.B. White: ‘There is the New York of the person who was born somewhere else and came to New York in quest of something’. But I’ll go along with your Carrie and say that there has been Mr. Big, Mr. Too Big, and Mr. Not So Big.

But really, it doesn’t matter much to me. If I’m thirsty, I’m not paying attention to the height of my glass, but to how quickly and often it gets refilled, how good it tastes, how much foam it collects… Have I overextended my metaphor yet?

Just a bit, but we like ’em limber around here. Speaking of flexibility, your profile mentions that “ordinary situations seem to improve immensely once clothing is removed”. Tell me more…

I like my jeans and t-shirt as much as the next man, but sometimes clothing is too much. I sleep in the buff whenever I can, and who doesn’t like to wake up to wood ready and right there under the sheets?

Besides, some of my best times are spent naked. And when I travel, some of the best sights are naked! Last time I was in Sydney, I visited Lady Jane Beach with a friend. The drive there and the beach itself is sweet, but there’s something too about hanging out in the open with a bunch of naked strangers…


I guess it doesn’t hurt to be nude all the time with a body like yours. How are the men of Manhunt treating you? Any hot hookup stories to share?

I dated a couple of great guys from Manhunt — seriously, one of them I now count among my closest friends — so I can’t complain. One of the best things about meeting guys in this city is that they comes in all shapes, colours, sizes.

I met a pocket bear in New York years back; he was short, compact, with hair on his face, chest, butt and legs. He met me at the door with a small, warm smile, took my hand and, once I stepped in, he was ready for anything I might say. I say kneel, he kneels. I say unzip my pants, he gets my junk out. I say lick my feet and all the way up to my balls, he does exactly that.

I’m still standing a few feet from the front door and not even in any room yet. Once we got into the bedroom, it heats up a few notches more. Among other things, he laid on the bed with his head hanging off the edge so that I can fuck his throat. Once I actually got into bed, we fucked up a sweat, which he loved sniffling off me, and to top it all off, he came without touching himself.

Another time, I met a Thai fellow, he was very limber; I was already inside him, but I thought I’d try lifting him off his back, off the bed, and stood up. Boy did he start moaning then!

Damn, that all sounds hot! Based on your profile, it certainly doesn’t seem like you have any hard and fast preferences when it comes to age, size, or race. That’s refreshing to see.

Sexiness comes in many other forms — a strong pair of legs, eyes so clear you see miles into them, kindness to those who are weaker and less powerful, loyalty, or a curiosity about the world. It’s also how I hope to be seen by those I care about, as more than just a checklist.


Or worse, as a fetish.

I think I can handle that for an hour or two. On second thought, maybe not!

Haha! So what’s life like outside of Manhunt? What do you do?

I hang out at bookstores, I play basketball and pool, I swim when I can, drink beer, watch way too many movies, and help old ladies cross the street. For a living, I teach grad school and also run a small art center.

I had a feeling you were the artistic type. You definitely give off that worldly, poetic vibe.

I was aiming for funny, but worldly is good. If I put ‘poetic’ on a t-shirt and wore it, I might not make it home in one piece.

Hmm, you in a ripped t-shirt… Do you like guys that take charge, or do you prefer to lead?

I prefer to lead, but a guy who can push back a little and go toe-to-toe with me until he’s ready to give, is very sexy. It’s not a rule. Every now and then, especially when I’m dating someone, it’s also fun to let him decide where things will go for the night.

Are you seeing anyone now?

I ended something late last year, and it took a little while, but I’m back to being an optimist about these things. Why, do you have someone sexy to send my way?

Let me check the weight limit on self-shipments from Atlanta to NYC, and I’ll get back to you! But to wrap things up, what else would you like to let the men of Manhunt out there know?

Play safe, have too much fun, feed the animals. And ice cream is an essential food group, no matter what anyone else says.



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