Manhunt Daily Wood: Tarik Kaljanac

Bosnian model Tarik Kaljanac was crowned winner of the Mr. Universe Model pageant for 2010. He also earned the titles of Mr. Internet and Mr. Best Body this year. We hope he was only presented with trophies because sashes might cover up some of that amazing body.

– J. Harvey

For more shots of Tarik, Follow the JUMP:

418 thoughts on “Manhunt Daily Wood: Tarik Kaljanac

  1. So I’m looking at that oiled-up sunbathing pic. Am I the only one imagining what it would be like if he slid his left leg back just a little bit more? Just enough to cause that towel to move slightly, giving us a full view of this magnificent man, legs spread, in all his glory?

    And then I imagine he pulls his right leg back too. He is staring at me with those dark, mysterious eyes. I am walking closer to him. I start to…

    Wait, what were we talking about? Sorry. Oh well, happy new year everyone!

  2. Hey’ studs i think that i like you all your very hot and sexy ummmm how i would love to play with all of …………..mmmmmmmmmmmmm….craig here in griffin

  3. Don’t get me wrong.. He’s handsome.. but Mr. Universe Model and the rest of these awards.. ????
    The people who give out these awards must not see some of the models on your site.. they have just as good or better bodies and quite a few are better looking..

  4. Okay, I know I just said to give Landon a shot in The Ten but never mind that…use this guy instead..or have him use me. It’s easy to see why he got selected/won/whatever those awards. He is stunningly handsome and built like a God. Damn.

  5. well manhunt, u did it, u found the hottest guy on earth. I challenge someone to find someone hotter

  6. interesting thought, ice_cream_assassin… I personally think he’s the spittin’ image of Dave Salmoni

  7. i agree he’s extremely hot!! got my pulse going in more ways than one, but where’s the nude front and back shots or the one in tight wet white underwear!!!!
    fab body face this guy’s got the lot!!!!

  8. he’s one beautiful young man, i hate to see him with a full body shave,he’s alot hotter with his natural body hair, i find that so sexy

  9. This man is perfect for illustrating why razors should go nowhere near chests and stomachs. WHEW!

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