Manhunt Daily Wood: Lonnie White

Ever since taking over the Manhunt Daily Wood, I’ve been feeling this intense pressure to really deliver. It’s confusing! You went utterly cuckoo bananas over Benjamin Godfre, but the reviews weren’t quite as favorable for pretty-faced male model Josh Slack. When it all comes down to it, what makes you tick? How do I even begin to make you happy?

Lonnie White may or may not be the answer. Either way, I don’t really give a damn, because I’ve been waiting since Monday afternoon to share them with you. It was the smile that really got me. Lonnie’s got this perfect combination of “completely approachable guy next door” and “completely unattainable guy who’d never sleep with me”. It’s working for me. A lot.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Lee Vandergrift

To check out more pics of Lonnie, follow the JUMP:

You may also enjoy these two shots with Kyle Overton:

497 thoughts on “Manhunt Daily Wood: Lonnie White

  1. Oh Benjamin, I’d be worried if I were you.  I think Dewitt has found a potential challenger to your #1 spot on The Ten.

    This man is absolute perfection.  And the wrestling shots?  Gorgeous!

  2. LOL. Now ya’ll know this guy no matter how attractive he is is not gonna take the top spot in the 10. For obvious reasons that I will not entertain. 

  3. Typical bland boring nothing special same cookie cutter crap, eat a loaf of bread and drink a 40 queen, the low slug boxers and stupid grin do nothing but advertise your willingness to be the screaming bottom.

  4. ..and i did like those two pix with Kyle Overton.

    thank you.


    that other photo where he was channeling “bashful” is just so adorable!

    *nom nom nom*

    i could simply eat Lonnie up!

  5. These are just ‘tease’ pics!  Where are the NAKED, FRONT & BACK SIDE shots!  Who said: “absolute perfection” without seeing the REAL pics?  My imagination workd fine, but NAKED pictures ARE worth 1,000 words and a few wet dreams!

  6. Kyle Overton?

    You mean Sean Xavier, right? You guys just profiled him a few days ago:

  7. Oh, yeah, it’s time to get those boxers off. And what’s with this teasing wrestling. Where did THAT lead?

  8. Well I don’t think he’s going to be bumping Benjamin but he is sexy. Of course you’re going to have to dig deep to find someone who can top Ben. I mean look at him…sexy body, BIG dick (which he shows and is a key victory point) and beautiful face. Plus he clearly oozes confidence in his sexuality whether he is clothed or naked and gives great face doing it all. You found Benjamin (and a multitude of past hotties) so eventually you’ll find someone who steals our erections away from BIG BEN.

  9. Um… eat a loaf of bread and drink a 40?  What about him says “40?”  He’s cute and looks sweet and if I wasn’t sure he did porn, I’d also say he was innocent.  

    And what’s wrong with being a bottom?  You’re an asshole and an idiot if you think there’s something wrong with a NECESSARY part of gay sex.

    I used to be embarrassed to say that I was a bottom and because everyone assumed I was a top.  Then I realized, people like you DON’T get laid!  Ha!

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