MANHUNT Daily Wood: Ian Nelson Foster

Ian Nelson Foster
This week's Wood is a 19 year old upcoming model named Ian Nelson Foster. He might be young and new to the modeling industry, but I'm sure with his looks he'll make it far. If that career doesn't take off, there's always porn right? Well, hopefully we'll be seeing more of Ian in the future… with or without clothes.

– Andy

Photo Credit: Rick Day/Jason Jaskot/Hans

Ian Foster

Ian Nelson Foster

Ian Nelson Foster

Ian Nelson Foster

Ian Nelson Foster

Ian Nelson Foster

Ian Nelson Foster 6

8 thoughts on “MANHUNT Daily Wood: Ian Nelson Foster

  1. I think this illustrates how important exposure settings, composition, and lighting are. The same guy looks like any other garden variety twink in pic #2, but looks Titan Media in the cover pic. I believe that pic #4 has been air brushed. So remember .. it’s not the model that makes the picture …
    … it’s the photographer.

  2. Scott A pic of a ugly mother fucker with good lighting is just a pic of a ugly mother fucker with good lighing !!!

  3. Photoshop is not everything, my darlings… Pic 2 is daylight soft light with white walls as bounce for fill light, as he is completley frontal and shoulders down and a little bit over-exposed for milky contrast… the other is in dark room with control lightning, highg contrast and different iso film (see the grain), shoulders up and arched back, wich means muscle tense.. it might be a little bit retouched in post-pro, but that wouldn’t imply a total plastic pic, those muscle differences can be easy made just by lightning and good exposure.

  4. He’s only 19? Fuck, I’m 19 and I look nothing like this 🙁 Some guys/gays make it look so easy to be ripped

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