Manhunt Daily Wood: David Mason

Those of you who watched the RuPaul’s Drag Race premiere (you did, don’t lie) earlier this week may have noticed several avant-garde-ish commercials for clothing line Slick It Up during the broadcast. Remember the extraterrestrial fetish being in the bodysuit with the head wings who talked of his empty heart and love of commerce in an alien dialect? David Mason is the designer (and one of the models) for Slick It Up, his line of fetish/fantasy wear that features skintight bodysuits and VERY revealing underwear. Besides being hot as hell (and one of Out’s Top 100 Eligible Bachelors), he’s also a talented writer. His blog House of Vader routinely cracks us up with his celebration of fetish, semi-famous 80s European glamazons, and what he calls “sexy gorillas.” He also makes us want to fuck unicorns which, wow, that’s a new one for us.

– J. Harvey

For more pics of the fantastical and sexy Mr. Mason, follow the JUMP:

22 thoughts on “Manhunt Daily Wood: David Mason

  1. Dave is a an attractive specimen…but read the blog and he comes off sounding like a 16 year old girl. That is just a major boner killer–nobody wants a Miley Cyrus intellect in a gay porn star style body.

  2. Ae we in pre-school? This doesn’t turn me on in the least. Eventually the clothes/costumes have to come off! I guess I’m just not that superficial :-)lol

  3. The pix are hott…For me he’s a good looking guy…But I voted for one of his former models in the hot 100 bachelors…Francois Sagat…I’d definately play with him though.

  4. Mmmmmm not sure, he’s hot though, I’d like to see him a good fitting suit, tight white shirt and slowly undress him…..
    I’m very conventional and this fetish theme has left me amused but nothing else.
    So I’ll go back to my cup of tea!

  5. The blog is smart and funny. The unicorn pictures are obviously done with a wink, I mean a puerto rican unicorn??? The guy knows what hes doing.

  6. The first pic of him on the floor is pretty hot. Not opposed to masculine men against a pink back drop for contrast.. but the rest of the images don’t really do that much for me. When I think of camp I’d rather have my mind wander to a scruffy guy in plaid with his jeans unbuttoned… waiting for me in a tent or a cabin. Just sayin’….

  7. there is so much happening on so many levels with these pics that your missing the point. There are so many comments about masculinity ad what we concieve as masculine that most of you are missing the point. The fact that despite not being able to get any camper thean ‘My Pretty Pony” he is still hot… it challenges what i normaly would think is sexy… is there also a statement that a truly masculine gay man is like a mythical unicorn? it doesn’t exist???… can you see the juxtaposition of traditional leather fetish wear with pink vinyl? There is a lot more going on in these pics than most of you are giving credit for, they are super clever.

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