Manhunt Daily Wood: Cody Cummings

You can say whatever you want about gay-for-pay(ish) porn star Cody Cummings. At the end of the day, eighty percent of us are silently masturbating to his pics in the dark and (maybe) hating ourselves, while the rest of the world complains about his alleged homophobia, love of vagina, cock-teasing ways, etc.

In fact, a decent portion of people in the latter group are also masturbating to his pics in the dark and (definitely) hating themselves. That’s just the way it goes! Cody has a mesmerizing dick, great body, sweet low hangers, nipples I want to eat for dinner and an ass that’s begging to be fucked (yet it will likely never get fucked). This combination is extremely hard to resist.

So, uh, yeah! That’s why Cody Cummings is this week’s Manhunt Daily Wood! At this point in the post, you’re welcome to say I’m perpetuating a pathetic stereotype about gay men lusting after straight men, being nothing more than sex-obsessed pigs and so forth… But it doesn’t change the fact that Cody Cummings is hot.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Cody Cummings

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1,101 thoughts on “Manhunt Daily Wood: Cody Cummings

  1. Come on baby tickle my ass with that Mustache and then once you got me wet you can do me good with your hanging balls slapping my own!
    This guy has to be a top or there is no god!

  2. I will agree that Cody Cummings, when he takes it easy on the spray-on tan, is objectively a very attractive man.  And I certainly lusted after him when he first came on the scene.

    But he’s not so attractive to excuse his total douchebaggery in real life.  I refuse to support anything he does anymore.  I won’t even look at preview clips he’s involved in b/c I don’t want to bump up the page views for NDS or whomever.

    There are plenty of hot gay, bi, and even some g4p men who aren’t afraid to actually be sexually intimate with another man while doing, you know, GAY PORN.  I would much rather fap off to them instead and not hate myself afterward while cleaning up the cum. 

  3. Does he only have four toes on his right foot?
    I noticed that the first time on one of the screensavers I have of him self sucking himself with his legs in the air…

    I tend to spot things like that. Doesn’t affect how hot he is.
    Though I’m all for facial hair, that mustache on him doesn’t suit him.

  4. I would so love to suck cody off , rim his hot ass and him fuck my tight white ass deep as you folks know that cody had bottomed  but after I checked it out  it apears that he didn’t bottom noe did the other guy  it’s all made to look like they both bottomed eatch other but you know as well I do they would show it all ( cock in ass ) but they never did  but cody did kiss and make out with the guy  

  5. He is about as hot as they cum. Just love watchen his face. Love to see a good ass shot cause I know Id eat this guy out.

  6. He’s totally hot, no matter who he likes to fuck.  I just wish it were me.  But I am bummed that he really didn’t have a flip fuck with the other guy I’ve seen in the clip with him.  I thought he finally suc-cum-bed to his “hidden desires.”  

  7. Good body and all, and he’s done some hot stuff with other guys, but… He kinda has that Kardashian, dead behind the eyes thing… 

  8. I really can’t understand why a man with a great body thinks tatoos will make the look more “manly”.  In Codys case he really doesn’t need anything to make him look manly except for his insecurity, he knows he loves cock and has a feeling that someone might figure it out.   ( the tatoo on his neck is the worst ) He looks like he is getting fucked in a couple of videos and he is kissing, but one really can’t tell if the fucking is real. The sucking definetly is real. I am sure he has a fuck buddy on the sly that fucks the hell out of him and has him squeeling like a little pig.  As he starts to loose his popularity he will have to reinvent himself and become a real slut. By the way….what ever happened to that “macho man” Jeff Stryker, that other gay for pay guy  ?

  9. I don’t care what others say about Cody,I am bi and  if I had looks like his, a body as fit as his, and a cock like his, I would be making porn too.

  10. I always thought he was very hot. I used to not mind his lack of man-on-man action in his videos, although I understand the hypocrisy considering he’s selling himself to a gay audience. However, after his big fake out bottoming scene, I’ve lost all respect. At least in the past he didn’t misrepresent himself about what he would or wouldn’t do on camera. But to make a big deal out of your first actual video where you’re having actual anal intercourse with another man (as a top and bottom) only to have it be a big, and obvious fake, was very disrespectful and a slap in the face to his fans. These are the people who put the money in his pocket. Not cool Cody.

  11. It also says that he’s leaving porn to become a licensed sex therapist and life coach.   Somehow I don’t buy it.

  12. He has all his toes….its just that toe 2 and 3 kinda overlap each other… looks weird when you see it up close in pics……

  13.  agree completely — physically, very attractive man [[though the mustache in these pics is fairly wretched]]

    but refuse to go to his site or click on any previews of him anymore — that level of shameless gay exploitation is intolerable

  14. neither do i, doubt he would be that good at either, besides can you imagine………….makes me cringe, he would find it hard to stay ‘professional’

  15. Sorry…will not watch Cody Cummings….boycotting his NDS site and will never watch anything he does.

  16.  I am really surprised. I thought this comment section nothing but negative remarks. Well, let me contribute some. First of all Dewitt, I thought you posted this for neg ommentary comedy. Second, ok, I ve never ever masterbated to this man. He is arrogant  and the word straight is really used to loosely w/ people. Let ,me clarify. if you experiment w/ someone of the same sex and sometimes twice but find it aint for you your straight. If you going  back for more you re Bi. And this includes these gay for  pay fucks who say they re straight, no, they are Bi and won t say it out of fear of societal reprocutions.  And if you have Chers greatest hits, swirly tatooes on any part of your body and have little if any political clout, then honey, you are gay. And then Cody pretending he was getting fucked. Great gim mick to rake in because guess, that 80 percent figure you mention obviously are not subscribers of his site because he pulled that PR stunt. Im sorry to go on like so, but something about Cody Cumming just sends my boa the wrong way. You all are great Witty and J. You put some great shit out there. Keep up the good work.

  17. I’m one of those heteroflexible guys that loves pussy, but doesn’t mind letting faggots like you guys take care of his needs. It’s not a negative attitude, so much as an honest one. I am straight. The only thing remotely bi about me is my cock. Take care of that, along with a little pay, and I can see exactly why the guy has the attitude he has. Plenty of you are willing to give up your money, your mouth, your ass, your self respect for a few moments with a man like us. We love and despise you for it.

  18. No.  I dunno if you’re being sarcastic or not, but he’s never been fucked.  Too much shadowing and no close-ups.  This man has never been fucked (on camera, at least).

  19. You tell yourself whatever helps you sleep at night. Go ask a right wing christian if you re straight as long as you tell them that you let guys play w you? of course, the Christians are just as bad if not worse.

  20. Rather Cody is STR8 ,  bi or gay  does not matter to me because I still think he is extremely hot  and yes I am one of the people who wants to see truly get FUCKED   GOOD & HARD !  In a perfect world  I of course would be the one savagely pound  ( it’s my fantasy  and he gets SAVAGELY POUNDED ) with every INCH that I am worthy of !!!

  21. BjH   If you could stop  drooling all over the key board over the thought of popping Cody cherry tight hole  might allow you to actually type ( correctly ) that you truly want to see Cody get FUCKED GOOD & HARD !!!

  22. as hot as he is…when you add in his personality it loses something.  No sorry Dewitt, he is NOT one I jack off to.  I dont like arrogant smugness!  Not appealing at all.  And yes he is hot no doubt about it.  

  23. i think its all publicity stunt. who cares. he’s hot and i would def like to see him get fucked…although that stach  (probably another publicity stunt to get everyone talking…) really needs to go, or he just gets fucked doggy until he shaves properly i say.

  24.  There are two shots above that clearly show his right foot, and it’s accompanying five toes.

  25. i really like man hunt but not so much now. When u are the person people are calling a faggot u have a tendency to not like homophobes and if this guy is really a douche and manhunt is seriously promoting it then dont bitch about gay rights cause here u are throwing them right out of the window for some str8 guy u are never going to sleep with. The people above have morals and this site maybe for sex but id hope that our community would stop looking at cocks and take notice that the world wont change inless we force it and this guy being a popular porn star shows how our comunity just cares about DICK !

  26. I find it funny, because what you’re actually doing is denying a sexual binary while upholding it. Believe it or not Mr.Herteroflexiblek,  intelligence is an important factor when it comes to attractiveness–even purely sexual chemistry for hook ups. You’re not that smart, ergo no, I don’t think you’d be that attractive to people above a certain strata. Nothing is appealing about belittling the existence of a minority in any event. 

    My main point is that you seem to be supporting a Kinseyian continuum of sexuality, but you’re so paranoid that you refuse to admit that someone who was “truly heterosexual” would not find sexual encounters with other men appealing. No one just “lets faggots…take care of his needs.” You actively come on manhunt, read the blog, and comment? That’s a serious investment of time and effort, buddy. You’re in denial.

    Face it: you’re attracted to dudes, you have sex with dudes, that’s all that matters. You can call it whatever your pussy little ass wants, doesn’t change the fact that you’re just a pathetic self-hating individual who takes out his own personal revulsion through denigrating others. Have fun with that, little boy. 

    By the way I’m 19 and finding sex has never been a problem for me, before you want to go there. 

  27. This is actually pathetic. I’ve never been so ashamed to have sex with men. Way to go and lose, like, 15 years in the gay rights battle, Manhunt. You guys have such a platform and you chose to willingly recognize a porn star who is openly homophobic simply because he’s hot? There are billions of men in the world, and a large number of attractive ones within that number. Do us a favor and find some who don’t seem to belittle our acceptance. I can’t even imagine the backlash if Ebony praised an openly racist white actor, but somehow you’re cool with fucking us all over. Totally boycotting MH blog from now on.  

  28. As one of the 20% mentioned in your “pre-ramble” am a self respecting gay man.  Several years ago I found CC attractive and manly.  Then found his self posted blogs and responses filled with homophobia and hatred.  

    Frankly, I find him and his ilk repulsive.  The “fantasy” of “that str8 guy” we all wanted, for me personally, has been a lifetime of love lost.  For nearly two years from 16 -18 me and that str8 guy went everywhere.  Had sex everywhere.  We were inseparable … until I came out and we parted ways.  20 years later we ran into each other and he told me he had feelings for me but couldn’t “live that life.”  20 years later, though I’ve loved another, he was the love of my life.

    If you want the illusion of the hot str8 guy that’s fine.  But have some self respect and find a guy who’s not using you and hating you at the same time.  Kick the bully to the curb.

  29. Yep, definitely has “the goods” for some stimulating fantasy masterbation sessions…I have a whole “issue” with guys who are supposedly “gay for pay” and really “straight”, yet they make a living doing gay porno…this guy has looks that I am sure a female/straight audience would eat up…so if he is truly 100% straight, I cannot imagine why he would ever do gay porn…I love my female friends, and many years ago in college I was having sex with women before I ever had sex with a man…there is not enough money in the world to make me want to have sex with a woman again…so I really don’t “buy into” the whole “gay for pay” scenerio…perhaps they are just afraid of secretly liking it too much or some bulls**t like that…

  30. Holy cow…this place is going off with comments and they aren’t all mean and nasty like I figured they would be when I saw Cody. Dude is sexy but comes with a lot of baggage.

  31. It comes as no surprise to me that the fortunes of performers like Cody Cummings are coming from the wallets of a targeted gay market.  That most men let their lust and desires overcome thinking about their actions and what they’re supporting is primarily why sites like his exist and will continue to do so as long as cocks do the thinking for us.  MH thrives on this as well, with the intent of making a buck in the same manner as the homophobic actors out there who are flaunting their looks and goods to a market where fantasy trumps reality.  In the end the losers are those in the gay community that support these sites (like Cody Cummings) and their creators who market to an audience they loathe and despise and see them as nothing but easy money.   Its a wake-up call for me, and I will not renew my MH subscription as a result of this site supporting and propping up someone who doesn’t care about my life or well-being.   Thanks Dewitt for opening my eyes. 

  32. Handsome? Yeah.  Great body?  Yeah.  Interesting after the first two videos?  For me, no.  Watching straight guys is fine for a while, but after a while it gets a little boring of just watching the same guy get sucked off by a parade of gay guys who are hot themselves.  I haven’t watched many of his videos (because they were uninteresting to me) but has he ever given head? topped? kissed a guy?  Sorry, if all he can do is jack off and get head for money from gay guys then I just don’t see why there’s much interest.  

  33. Who are those stupid cunts who gives this guy money? For fuck’s sake you wanna do porn, do porn. Watched him once. Not only he is 100% gay but a total bottom. Which obviously is great lol. Honey get some dick, that hole is screaming for a rough one, you are screaming for it. Cut the bullshit.

  34. I don’t see the appeal of this guy. Yes, he is handsome and has a  big dick. But there are so many porn stars that have the same qualities and so many guys in real life. Just because he is a douchebag and hot we have to worship him. I’m not into anyone who’s gay for pay. That’s why I prefer straight porn. At least I know the guy won’t be into dudes, but he’s still hot and pounding a hot ass or vagina and I can pretend the bitch is another guy.

  35. yeah … he s hot,but not when he s playing gay on his videos. He s not at all good at it … I like him better in his str8porn videos … he s believable and that s when he is hot for me … Anyway, the pics of him are stunning …

  36. He’s hot and what’s the difference between him and gay guys lusting after any other hot guy? 

  37. Fuck you.. Trol has nothing to do with it.. He’s a fuckng money fucking grab whore.. .fake fucking cheese cake.. Looser.

  38. Goodlooking man but enough is enough, just like Rhianna, I have come to not care about either, overkill

  39. I think he’s very hot looking. Does that change the fact that he’s a douche? No, but then again so was the hot Jock in high school who made so many of our lives hell, but didn’t change the fact we still secretly lusted him. I’m not going to fault the guy for being “gay for pay” because, I’m not him. So I don’t know how much more he makes from that than from straight porn. Which he either does make more which is why he’s still doing it or he’s really gay at heart, but just doesn’t want to admit it to himself, so he’s “gay for pay”. Honestly though, that ass needs major pounding, and I mean bad. The thing is though, who would be the right guy to top him? Hmmm, Samuel O’Toole topping Cody Cummings. That would be pretty hot. lol!

  40. sorry, witty, but i’d not ever been inclined to pleasure myself to this guy.

    and knowing what i know about him, i likely-never will.

    plus, in these last couple of blogs you’d composed on cody, he really has been looking kinda beat up.
    taking a few “hits.”

    concurrently, that smarmy moustache he’s rocking is not helping assuage that “meth face,” in my opinion.

  41. LUV THAT BODY, THAT NICE “COCK” WILL GAPE MY ASS FOR SURE…. 😀 😀 😀 :-* :-* :-* :-* LUV U :-* EMAIL ME…..

    P.S. IMA A GAY VIRGIN……. OXOXOXO, :-* :-* :-*

  42. LUV THAT BODY, THAT NICE “COCK” WILL GAPE MY ASS FOR SURE…. 😀 😀 😀 :-* :-* :-* :-* LUV U :-* EMAIL ME…..

    P.S. IMA A GAY VIRGIN……. OXOXOXO, :-* :-* :-*

  43. LUV THAT BODY, THAT NICE “COCK” WILL GAPE MY ASS FOR SURE…. 😀 😀 😀 :-* :-* :-* :-* LUV U :-* EMAIL ME…..

    P.S. IMA A GAY VIRGIN……. OXOXOXO, :-* :-* :-*

  44. i don’t know what’s the problem around him. He is just a free man behaving freely. There are clips of him also bottoming nevertheless. I think he is a model to follow

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