Manhunt Daily Exclusive: Colby Jansen Launching Colby’s Crew!

If you follow Manhunt Daily on Twitter (if you don’t, I forgive you but fix it), you may have noticed some tweets featuring some of the gay porn industry’s biggest names with hashtags like #Shh #TopSecret and #ItsCumming. Well, it’s almost here and I can FINALLY talk about it! Dude Dollars and Online Entertainment have announced their first exclusive model – uberdude Colby Jansen! Prepare to meet Colby’s Crew!

“This Dude Dollars team is so great! I am so honored to be working with them to launch Colby’s Crew,” said Colby Jansen. “We are bringing together a stellar cast of seasoned performers and hot newcomers that will give the site a unique flavor and market position. And now, to sign as a Dude Dollars exclusive is for me the cherry on the cake! I am so thrilled to contribute to Dude Dollars success with this new venture.”

FYI, Dude Dollars is the affiliate program of Online Entertainment LLC, the new gay adult entertainment company created by Manhunt’s co-founder and owner Jonathan Crutchley. Colby’s Crew is just the first in what is going to be a network of adult sites for gay and bisexual men.

What does this mean to YOU, our beloved Manhunt Daily readers? Well, we’re way tight with Online Entertainment (for obvious reasons). That means PLENTY of exclusive content, interviews, contests, and the like with Colby and his crew. Keep your eye on Manhunt Daily in the coming months. Colby’s Crew is going to be huge and we want to take you along for the ride.

I was honored to be on the set for one of their upcoming shoots and you have NO IDEA. One of Colby’s Crew’s missions is to pair the gods of porn with sizzling hot new-cummers. The results are IT.

Seriously, I’ve been waiting to blog about this now for so long that my nuts almost exploded. #relief.

You can check out a sneak peek below featuring Colby with Samuel Stone (Colby’s pulling at his drawers) and Casey Everett (Colby’s kissing him and making me jealous)! (Lots more to cum!)

– Michael Xavier

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