Man Hours

Rafa Garcia and Antonio Aguilera feel they are being taken advantage of when cocky executive Martin Mazza puts them through final interviews and then offers them both work, but with no pay.

Rafa and Antonio refuse to be humiliated like this, so they turn on Martin to release their pent-up frustration with masculine aggression that turns into hardcore sexual energy. Martin has an impromptu lesson on how to take it like a real man.

The duo overpowers the arrogant boss and spit-roast him over his own desk, giving him a dose of hard straight cock from each end. With Antonio pounding Martin’s ass and Rafa’s 10-inch monster cock fucking his mouth, Martin can only gag and moan as the dicks thrust deeper and deeper.

Martin is used and fucked ragged and when the men have had their way, they cum over Martin’s face leaving him a big sticky mess of a man, gasping for breath as he lays on his desk. So, now who’s boss?


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