Luke Evans to Lead ‘Beauty and The Beast’ Spinoff

If you didn’t get enough of Luke Evans in the role of Beauty and the Beast‘s Gaston, you’re in look. The actor and singer is picking up the role for a six-episode spinoff, set to air on Disney+

Titled The Little Town, the show will follow the adventures of Gaston and his pal LeFou according to Variety. Josh Gad will return as LeFou. The pair of actors first took on the roles for the 2017 live-remake of the Disney movie and then reprised them for the network’s much-watched sing-a-long.

According to People, the live-action film was the biggest movie released in 2017 with more than $1.26 billion in global ticket sales. It surged in popularity again in the U.S. last month as drive-in theaters played it, bringing in an estimated $467,000. Disney executives are no doubt hoping to draw from that well again. 

“We feel so lucky to have this talented group of people creating a story about two much loved and much-hated characters, but that’s the excitement,” Evans told Collider. “There are a lot of questions about where we will start, what will we tell, who are these people, when you visit them where will they be? So it’s going to be a really fun experience. Me and Josh are literally vibrating with excitement to shoot it.”

The show is in “fully-fledged” development currently with the second and third episodes already written. As for plot, Evans would only say that “No human being is one layer. There are many, many chapters to our lives, and they all inform the character and who we are.”

Sounds like a villain’s origin story and if Maleficent is any indication, we love to see it! If nothing else, maybe they will be able to explore LeFou’s sexuality. In a first for Disney, in 2017 they introduced an onscreen male love interest for the chracter. Maybe Gad, who says he was the one who came up with the idea, can convince them to do a little more of that.

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